liars and cheaters (Pay Up, Joseph Farah!)

So, does anyone think that Joseph Farah will make good on this promise? I doubt it. Like all good Americans, I am a poker player and know a welcher when I see ’em. President Obama has laid his cards on the table and it is no surprise to me that he has been holding a Royal Flush all along. Meanwhile, Farah, Corsi, Trump and their ilk have been raising and calling but refuse to show their cards even though the point is moot; there is nothing they could be holding that could possibly beat Obama’s hand and yet they still posture as if every adult capable of rudimentary reason hasn’t seen through their ridiculous bluff. I know that Farah has read my blog in the past, and as amusing as that incident was, I would much rather he read this post because I am not being satirical or ironic in any way. I am not mocking him when I say that he is a liar and a cheater; I am calling it as I see it. He is one of the fevered egos causing more psychic damage to the collective unconsciousness than we can possibly imagine, and pretending that they are anything else is to be disingenuous.

2 Responses to “liars and cheaters (Pay Up, Joseph Farah!)”

  1. Farah will eventually pay up but only because of public pressure, not because it’s what he said he would do. People who make statements like this think that they will never have to pay the piper, as witnessed by Farah’s regrouping and saying that it’s about the “citizenship” and not about the “birth.” Hello, Hawaii became a state before Obama was born, so quit trying to rewrite history.

    And by the way, “I’m not apologizing for nothing,” is a double negative.

    That entire group of hate-mongering, egomaniacal dicks deserves nothing but scorn.

  2. I don’t care where he’s from, I do care where he’s going, or rather, that he goes somewhere at all. Specifically somewhere other than Pennsylvania avenue.

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