Tempus Fraudatio

I only have a little time to spare but I need to stop packing and waste a few moments in the shallows of teh internets. I gave myself sixteen minutes and two seconds to write this, long enough to listen to ‘nevaeh ot yawriats’ and ‘Stairway to Heaven’ back to back. I had a friend who was a most unique personality who was something of an audio wizard in his spare time and among other things he turned me on to how cool ‘Stairway to Heaven’ sounds backwards. It’s spectacular on headphones and I have a ‘Heavy Metal’ style animation sequence that plays in my head every time I hear it; it’s actually quite elaborate. It depicts the War in Heaven, The Fall of Lucifer, and the opening chapters of Genesis.

Today I saw that a good friends son was having his first birthday and I haven’t even met the tyke yet. At the time I was holding a really lovely 1888 edition of Shakespeare’s works which I picked up at a used bookstore outside of Decatur over a decade ago. I’m reading ‘The Tempest’ again; it is striking how much ‘Lost’ cribbed  from it.

My mother told me on Saturday that my cousin is in prison again; he assaulted a woman at the halfway house where he was staying because she wouldn’t go drinking with him. He knocked out a few of her teeth and broke her ribs. He has a history of these kinds of violent acts; he has the demeanor of a lizard and is prone to sudden psychotic breaks. When we were in high school my grandparents would tell me I should be more like him; he was an Eagle Scout with a very neat room who was a nationally ranked golfer who played first chair trumpet. Everything changes.

9 Responses to “Tempus Fraudatio”

  1. Well, you know you’re welcome to take a road trip to bluff country to see lil’ tiger. He’s quite glorious right now. I just had my first argument with him. Went something like this:

    Him: Mama!

    Me: Dada!

    Him: Mamama!

    Me: Dadada!

    Him: Ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma!!!!

    It was settled in this manner.

  2. Not to “one-up” the Prof, but Little Crow is almost 14 months. I think you have been by once since he was born, and we only live about 20 minutes away! He’s here all day Monday Wednesday Friday and at daycare half days Tuesday and Thursday.

    The three of us went to the neighborhood in the City where Wulf and I lived at various times. We went to an old haunt for Easter Brunch. It has a new name and a new menu. (Thankfully, it has the same clientèle) Indeed, Tempus Fraudito, but Tempus Fugit also.I think Prof would agree with me that it is amazing how quickly the first year has gone by…

  3. Hint received. I will get out more.

    That both of you are fathers pleases me mightily.

  4. It’s unbelievable. He’s a completely new person every day. At one year there’s an observable intent behind his actions that wasn’t there even a few weeks ago. And he’s playing peek-a-boo.

  5. It’s amazing to watch the development of an actual human being up close and personal like that-to actually see Mind emerging is like nothing else.

  6. Plus, peek-a-boo is way fun.

  7. Yes Winston… get out more!!

    Your life will be an immeasurably better one the more you spend it with children you love.

    Time goes too fast.

  8. See, I’ve been spending it with children that I hate. Clearly I’ve been doing it wrong.

  9. Can we get back to the oh, by the way, I have an 1888 edition of Shakespeare?

    Geez. At least post a picture of the cover or title page so that I can appreciate vicariously digitally (digitally vicariously?)…

    Are you positive listening to StoH backwards won’t make you start a cult or something?

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