So Be It.

That was John Boehner’s response to being told his budget demands would eliminate hundreds of thousands of jobs from the federal government at this crucial moment in our economic recovery. A mere four months ago the GOP fought bitterly to cut taxes for the wealthiest Americans and now, when there are literally multiple global crises demanding our attention, they held a simple budget vote hostage over demands to defund Public Broadcasting, Planned Parenthood and the EPA.  To be sure, if the previous Democratic led Congress could have overcome their milquetoast dithering long enough to have done their jobs we wouldn’t have this problem, but this is an dangerously irresponsible Congress that is frighteningly immature; a Do-Nothing Congress is far better than a Know-Nothing Congress. After all, even in the middle of all this they also managed to take a swipe at Net Neutrality.

That Congress has been overrun by frothing extremists is a reality that cannot be ignored. These are political dilettantes with adolescent ideology who are drunk with their own grandeur; there is not that far a difference between Rand Paul and Charlie Sheen as you might think. The current GOP philosophy and comportment is not that much different than that of a raving alcoholic blaming the bartender for his problems (click here if you don’t believe me). These are not serious thinkers who are attacking teachers unions and nurses pensions; these are people who haven’t grown out of their adolescent philosophy because they haven’t had to. They are suburban children of privilege who smoked grass, listened to Rush, read Ayn Rand and thought they were special and smart because of it; ‘Atlas Shrugged’ told them had privilege because they deserved it and those who suffered deserved their situations as well, and that appealed to them. Objectivism is not so much a school of philosophy as an excuse to separate oneself from compassion and massage ones own ego; it leads a person into opposition of both Dharma and Jesus. It is a delusion much like any of the modern cults that oppose Love; by denying the existence of the highest form of that word and glorifying in its debasement they condemn themselves. But all that aside, these are not the people you want meddling with the laws that govern our society in any case.

Employment is up. The Dow Jones has posted a steady growth for two years. There are still huge problems with housing and employment, but the country has actually been building momentum with Obama at the helm. The GOP is drunkenly thrashing around in the engine room, screaming that their sabotage is actually some kind of repair that we didn’t need anyway; for everyone’s safety they need to be subdued until they can sober up.

It’s a lovely day for a stroll. See you later.


10 Responses to “So Be It.”

  1. A couple of things.

    1. Rational Self interest is problematic enough. What these folks are pursuing is no where near rational. I’m not sure it is even simple self-interest, because if their policies were enacted we’d all go down. I think it is simple short term greed, wanting to be contrary all wrapped up with a little dab of classism and racism.

    2. What is even more frustrating for me as a member of The Church is that they wrap their sinful (yes, I AM being judgemental here.) ways in the language and symbolism of Christianity. I for one, hope my theology is wrong and that Jesus DOES come back to clean house!!! Recall what he did to the moneychangers in the temple, imagine what he’d do to these clowns!

  2. My favorite quote from the Obama-bash link.

    “says Obama ‘has crippled America with a $14 national debt.'”

  3. I found it interesting that this was in a business publication!

    Top 10 Reasons Ayn Rand was Dead Wrong | BNET

    My personal favorite is #9!

    • That was really well put. I think now that we have a bunch of true believing Randheads in prominent positions the backlash should be strong. It’s one thing when they’re shooting their mouths off and writing ridiculous essays, but to have them actually running anything will be a disaster.

    • Kenny,
      Good link. My biggest argument with objectivism (aside from the obvious fact that we cannot discount feelings in humans) is the belief that we exist only for ourselves. Self-interest is the key to unraveling most conservative politicians–me and mine, but at the expense of what? All the rest of us?

  4. Winston,
    This was a really good post. I agree that they are behaving like adolescents who feel entitled. Holding the budget hostage was reprehensible, but as you said, if the Dems had done something when they held the House, we might not be facing so much bullshit.

    • Thank you! I remembered to make the links spawn new pages for you.
      It is frustrating to remember what November 5th, 2008 felt like. Know what I mean?

      • Omigawd, you are so right. When I think back to that November, to the days leading up to election day, how charged we volunteers were, watching the returns together, shouting our hearts out when Obama got Virginia . . . what the hell happened? I refuse to believe that he is all style and no substance. You don’t have the kind of quals he has by accident. I know that promising and doing are two separate things, but my god, he wouldn’t even do a simple signing statement on DADT. What is he so afraid of? Because I’ve convinced myself that fear is driving him; whereas hope and idealism were driving him during the election. My heart is really and truly broken over how things have panned out. I mean, I know that things take time. I understand the political process; I really do. But don’t just roll over and take it like some back alley hooker who can’t do any better.

        You know?

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