I Was Wrong All Along

I saw a billboard today advertising Glenn Beck’s show on the way home from work and noticed that it was on at that moment. A spark of wicked curiosity pulsed and I tuned away from NPR to the AM band. I’m glad I did. It’s time for me to confess that I had never really listened to Glenn-like most liberals, I had only ever experienced him through snippets on Media Matters and had never experienced him in context. My ears were filled with a mellifluous song of rationality that opened my mind and quite frankly changed my life!

As an unthinking consumer of socialist propaganda I had never really considered that my most cherished beliefs could be based on lies, delusions, and wishful thinking, but Glenn overturned my entire worldview less than ten minutes after I had been filled with a smug satisfaction from an NPR ‘report‘ that the unemployment rate had dropped. I had literally been composing hosannas to Obama in my mind! But that was probably because I had secretly hated America!

It’s true! Until I listened, really listened, to Glenn, I hated America. I hated it hard. I wanted it to fail. I realize now it’s why I voted against Sarah Palin in the last election! I regret this and can only pray I have a chance to rectify that ridiculous decision. I finally see the wisdom in breaking the backs of the working man in order to make the Koch Brothers and their kind even more wealthy; it’s because they’re simply better than the rest of us! I shall never forget the fine April day Glenn Beck made me a Conservative. Also, I’ve decided to convert to snake handling.

5 Responses to “I Was Wrong All Along”

  1. the snake handlers make more sense and are intellectually more honest than Beck.

  2. Nice reading.

    Warm regards,

    Joel Raes

  3. I agree: Snake handling makes a lot more sense to me.

    Stay off AM. Go on a three-day liquid cleanse, and rid your cells of beck-slime.

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