What the world needs now…

The last few times I’ve tried to post something it vaporized when I hit the ‘publish’ button. If only Gilbert Gottfried could have been so lucky he might still have a job where he made millions of dollars for quacking. It’s been twenty five six days since my last post and the axis of the world has literally shifted beneath our feet. It is an awkward moment to have fallen out of the habit of blogging; headlines like ‘Radiation in Seawater Off Nuclear Plant Spikes To 1,250 Times Normal‘ tend to overshadow more mundane observations. That’s why I didn’t worry too much about the vanished posts; they were whistles in a hurricane.

My grandmother turned 90 this past month and she’s still sharp; at her birthday party she and I chided my mother for magical thinking when mom started fussing about apocalyptic ‘2012’ nonsense. Grandma is very funny and wise. She was the one who pointed out that in her lifetime the population of the planet has increased by five billion people; it’s not that there are more disasters but that there are more of us scattered across the globe to experience them. If the Krakatoa eruption occurred  today the death toll would be magnitudes greater not only because there are more inhabitants of the surrounding isles but because we have a more accurate census and notice when entire villages go missing, as opposed to 1883 when we didn’t exactly have Google Maps.

In the face of these kinds of realities the petty short sightedness of our politics is sharply apparent. Cutting taxes on the wealthiest individuals and corporations while cutting basic services and infrastructure maintenance is a very stupid thing to do if one is trying to maintain a healthy civilization. Calamities of global proportion are nothing new and they will always occur as long as humanity inhabits the world; pretending that they won’t is an ill preparation.

There’s been lots of stuff going on in my life; I need to move in the next month, so I’ve been packing and whatnot. The family is fine, days at the Clown Factory have been good (I do so wish I could blog about that place but I am ethically and legally bound from doing so. I have such tales I could tell!) and I am generally enjoying life though I haven’t seen too many friends lately and am feeling a little stir crazy. I need to have a party. Or at least go to a really good one. Do you see what I mean about how talking about mundane things just sounds shallow and empty? Still, I think I’m going to throw a big party once I move. It’s what my world needs now.

2 Responses to “What the world needs now…”

  1. Just what we need! “A party! A Sexy Party!” OK, so I got the cartoon character wrong, but a Family Guy reference seemed appropriate.

  2. Grandparents are so special because your time with them is so short. Personally, my time with my aging grandmother is coming closer and closer to it’s end. I did find it was very relieving to have a legitimate talk about death with her over a morning cup of coffee, I will be sad when she passes but I know she is content.

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