Labor & Service

My cousin is a home care hospice nurse in Wisconsin. She does things like driving country roads in snowstorms at night in order to care for end stage cancer patients. It’s not terribly lucrative, especially considering the years of education that she went through to become a nurse.  Another close cousin teaches special education, spending the productive hours of his adult life navigating the inner lives of children who are traumatized and damaged in the hope that they may someday participate in society productively. My baby brother teaches art and my other brother is a fire fighter EMT who risks his life to save others. Our father put food in our mouths by driving a CTA bus for a quarter century. There’s more; a beloved uncle who was a hero cop and whose death was page two news. A grandfather who helped build and maintain the massive waterworks of this great city.

There are businesspeople and capitalists aplenty in my extended family but my branch is full of public servants.  Needless to say, my opinions on what is happening over the border in Madison are strong and I disagree with most of what the idiots on your television have to say about the protesters. But then, I feel that way about what’s happening in the Middle East as well.


One Response to “Labor & Service”

  1. What is happening in Wisconsin (and Ohio and Indiana) is appalling. To propose that the remedy for what ails us is to take from those who give the most and make the least (relatively speaking) is such a fatcat mentality. It makes me cringe to hear those from the other side saying things about unions and benefits when I think that I can say without any hesitation that no teacher, or nurse, or firefighter, etc., ever, ever earned an annual bonus of several million dollars.

    Something is very, very wrong with this country.

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