Not proud.

Huge project at the Clown Factory. I have a lot to write about but no time…

I saw this upsetting story on CNN and all I could think of was this horrible person saying horrible things. Then I began to imagine the horrible things other people are going to say and all of it makes me just not want to be part of our species; truly, there are days when I would sell all of you out to the first alien conquerors that happened by, and this is one of them.

Our collective unconsciousness is tainted.


6 Responses to “Not proud.”

  1. marymayweather Says:

    Alternet did a round up of rightwing blog reactions and they’re predictably nauseating:,_mass_victim-blaming_ensues/

  2. Winston,

    Your must remember that the way Coultergeist makes her living and stays in the public eye is by saying insane, outrageous things that appeal to the id of the right wing.

    She doesn’t even register to me anymore–I simply choose not to feed the beast by paying attention to it.

  3. I’m still not entirely convinced that Ann Coulter and Glenn Beck are for real. Something about their over the top nature reeks of insincerity, they very well could turn out to be satirists.

    • Having just watched “Network” the other night, I notice that Beck seems to be doing a pretty good Howard Beal. If he collapses during a show we’ll know–his ratings have decreased by half, so he’ll have to do something to bump them back up.

      • I haven’t watched him in years but when I used to I found it amazing. He’d bring up some very excellent points, I would agree with him, then he’d turn around and go off the wall again, leaving me questioning myself as to why I agreed with this nutjob in the first place. Almost like he inserts just enough logic to get your attention, then tries to use your interest as momentum to generate exponential political spin.

        I’ve been watching Lila Rose’s Planned Parenthood flaming videos that have popped up, and while I think the individuals caught bending rules and not blowing whistles on these ‘underage prostitution rings’ are sickening, I’ve also noted the timing and see right through the political motivations to who’s responsible.

        In the end we are caught in a war for minds, and votes, and instead of logically forming a solution we resort to poo flinging like apes. I too am Not proud.

  4. Winston,
    The only thing that I take exception to in your post is your use of the term person in relation to Coulter. Person implies at least some semblance of humanity. Coulter has none. She is worse than Beck, and that’s saying something.

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