Beating up on old ladies.

That is what Glenn Beck and his peeps are best at. This is the full letter sent to Roger Ailes by the CCR. Here is the response from the Fox Legal Department. The part where the FOX attorneys question the sincerity of the CCR is just delightful; it’s like King George faulting Jefferson’s penmanship. Frances Fox Piven is 78 year old college professor who has received death threats and harassment as a result of being targeted by Beck.

Gods below, I do so loathe writing about Palin and Beck. As intellectual opponents, they are the equivalent of children on stilts masquerading as giants; yet they still cause damage as they stumble along. They are like the public figures of Oceania, spouting contradictory inflammatory nonsense designed to short-circuit rational thought in the listener; the longer you listen the more hypnotized you become by confusion. 21st Century demagogues.

In other news, scientists discover wolves have a rudimentary sense of musical taste.

Certainly by calling the lecture ‘Separation of Powers‘ he is demonstrating the right wing’s legendary grasp of irony.

I don’t know why the phrase ‘empty-eyed gorgon‘ keeps popping into my head.



One Response to “Beating up on old ladies.”

  1. My computer is such a POS. I wrote a thoughtful comment about this post and the despicable shenanigans of both Beck and Palin and their “who me?” attitude only to have the computer lock up. So anyway, good post.

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