We must all remember that Sarah Palin is the real victim here.

Melissa sets us straight.
I ♥ my commenters. They keep me honest with their awesome smartness.
This is very strange news. What ‘Baby Doc’ Duvalier is thinking is beyond me.

The booking photo of Jared Loughner staring up from the newsstand had an element of unreality to it; he looked like Lex Luthor possessed by the Joker. We banned the death penalty in Illinois this week and I am glad of it, even while staring into those mad killer’s eyes. Murdering him would not resurrect the dead nor heal the wounded and grieving; it would not deter another madman and the only people it would protect might be the prison staff who are responsible for him.


I wrote the above a few days ago and decided to just not say anything for a little bit. Obviously, emotions are still running very hot. We need to calm down. I think that was at the root of what I was trying to say last week, though.

Censorship is never a good idea. It runs counter to the principles that make democracy work. It is the tool of tyrants and the comforter of fools. Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck are free to speak as they will and I am free to point out that they are liars; you are free to decide what to believe. Yet I cannot help but wonder why those voices are accorded as large a megaphone as they get. Surely these are not the wisest lights of our age.

Last week Congressman Giffords read the First Amendment during the reading of the Constitution; it would be wrong to curtail freedom of speech as a response to this atrocity. We would do well, however, to take a serious look at the second amendment in the days to come; specifically, the part about the phrase ‘well-regulated’. The reading of the Second Amendment that is insisted upon by extremists is dangerously inaccurate and self-serving; we need to look at it honestly.

But first everybody needs to calm down.

2 Responses to “We must all remember that Sarah Palin is the real victim here.”

  1. I typically avoid “60 Minutes” due to slanted and shallow news stories as of late, but at the urging of a friend watched their recent segment on Loughner. They handled the story thoughtfully and with sensitivity without demonizing him which I appreciated. Along with his friends and former classmates, they also featured the Secret Service who specifically deal with assassination attempts all of the time. The last line of the piece is tragically sad.
    “There was one other thing that the Secret Service discovered was common: the assassins found their attacks didn’t solve their problems. Nearly everyone had profound regret.”
    [ http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2011/01/14/60minutes/main7246233_page4.shtml?tag=contentMain;contentBody ]

    Speaking as someone who works with a similar population of people I can speak to this being true & also to the imperfect miracle of psychotropic medication.

    When thinking of, praying, or wishing well to the victims, don’t forget to include the parents of this very ill young man without judgment. They had already lost their son a while ago.

  2. Winston,
    Thanks so much for both posts, and especially for the link to Melissa’s epic post. What happened in Arizona has left me simultaneously numb and angry, and I wish that I felt up to taking on the issue myself. So glad that others are doing a great job of talking about this.

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