At the bottom of the year

It is 55° f and the rain is washing away the last of the snow. It tastes like April. I’ve been reading Orwell’s diaries, especially the entries from the end when he was writing ‘Nineteen Eighty Four’ just before he died. He is near the top of any list of my favorite writers  no matter how you want to compile it; as a novelist he is without peer and the ideas in his books are far more sophisticated than those of say, Ayn Rand, a hack who cultivated a cult of personality. Orwell doesn’t care if we agree with his aesthetics or embrace his philosophies; rather, he produced a body of work that gave us a vocabulary and context for understanding the modern world. That both leftists and right-wingers embrace his ideas as their own is evidence of his greatness; his ideas are too large to be contained in a single point of view.

Tonight is very low key. I’m hanging out with the dog and cat. And the PS3. Happy New Year everyone.

4 Responses to “At the bottom of the year”

  1. Chicago is warmer than Arizona these days. (love it!!)

    Sounds like you had a nice & peaceful NYE like we did.

    We had grandkids over… set a clock ahead 2 hours to count down new year with New York and the 6-year old (with choc milk – awesome!)
    After that the 2 of us went to bed too LOL!!

  2. If you enjoy Oblivion you may also enjoy Fallout 3. Same concept just set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Fallout: New Vegas is good as well, but it seems to be buggier and the gameworld isn’t nearly as detailed.

  3. Much love and light to you in the New Year. Miss you.

  4. If you like Orwell, you should read “Shooting an Elephant” and “A Hanging,” two of his best essays. I used to use both of these in my English Composition classes as they are so beautifully written and wonderful examples of powerful narrative.

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