Worry less about politics and more about governing.

I took Miss Mayweather grocery shopping the other day and whilst strolling through the exotic produce aisles of the Super H Mart we were talking about politics. Specifically, our friend Justin had said ‘we need to worry less about politics and more about governing’ to her the other day and we both agreed while we are going to be in for a lot of politics for the next few years. The Era of Rational Discourse is not ready to begin quite yet, but I am a thing with feathers, apparently. Let me show you.

Michelle Bachmann is going to be sitting in Joe McCarthy’s old seat on the House Intelligence Committee. Instead of seeing this as a dangerously irresponsible thing to do I suspect that Boehner is seeking to keep her from spouting insanity on the Sunday talk shows. Members of the Intelligence Committee are entrusted with state secrets and therefore traditionally keep a low profile during their tenure. I could see where the Republican leadership might want to promote her into obscurity. Okay, I have to admit that this is really not exactly a hopeful point of view but it is definitely more optimistic than the one where she is in that seat in order to have an even better perch for shouting insane accusations as well as the power to subpoena.

As I wrote that last sentence the cat yowled, a mirror fell, and thunder pealed.

While I was sweeping up the glass I thought hard about what else there is to say. I think that Obama’s compromise with the Republicans on taxes was actually a good move from a pragmatic point of view even as my liberal sensibilities are outraged. The important thing is to keep the machinery of our economy and society growing and not lock it up over arguments about ideological principles. I still strongly support the Obama Administration and think that these first two years were successful by any reasonable metric.

The Tea Party won the midterm elections while the Republicans and Democrats split Congress. While there is a lot of energy to be found in the Tea Party, it seems to me the struggle between the hardcore crazies sniffing an opportunity and Republicans trying to manipulate the movement isn’t healthy. The problem with a movement that has no leadership is that it very easily becomes a mob.

That’s my two cents for the night; my unlimited love to y’all.

3 Responses to “Worry less about politics and more about governing.”

  1. Reading this made me hopeful for the future, thanks Winston. I think America is going to come along in the next few years, after the storm subsides.

  2. It always does, dude.

  3. Winston,
    I think that almost all of my feathers are gone. Bachmann is dangerous no matter where they put her. Giving her access to state secrets is akin to plastering that information on a McDonald’s marquee.

    Sorry to be such a downer, but I’m still pretty pissed over the tax cut indefinite extension, especially in light of the fact that the US leads the western world in child poverty. The top 1 percent can choke on their tax cuts. Bah.

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