wonderous strange life

Sorry, but I was paying attention to this
Science is awesome.

7 Responses to “wonderous strange life”

  1. It would be cooler if they had actually found them and not created them. All this shows me is that humans are exceptionally able to manipulate nature!

  2. Kenny;
    You got it backwards, brother. They did discover them-these are not artificial critters but they are fundamentally different on a chemical level than any other life on Earth that we’ve encountered. They literally have arsenic in their DNA.

  3. I misread it. The bacteria normally use phosphorus but are genetically able to use arsenic.

    “Despite surviving on arsenic for a year, the bacteria would still “prefer” to grow using phosphorous: biomolecules react more efficiently in water and seem to be more stable when constructed with phosphorous than arsenic. They only substitute arsenic if there is no alternative.”

    They created an environment where the bacterium would switch over. Pretty cool. Creation is a pretty nifty thing!

  4. “It could also be that this ‘weird life’ is all around us, intermingled with carbon-based life. If so, it’s going to be hard to detect, as we would have to find a way to first filter everything out,” says Davies.

    …This could explain a lot of my friends and family….just saying…

  5. Actually, the comment about loss of sense of humor was supposed to be attached to this post. Sorry.

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