Arguing with a wall

And still they make new martyrs.
Huck; thank you for stepping up especially as I haven’t been around much lately. It’s funny, I named this post ‘arguing with a wall’ in preparation for responding to your comment regarding why I didn’t comment on the elections. The truth is that I paid attention to them but didn’t have much to say that wouldn’t have amounted to shaking my fist at the air, and arguing with a wall is a far better metaphor for the latest ‘Bad News’ commenter, anyway. This post has proven a most effective net for catching the attention of a particular kind of fish and I’m feeling like a fry tonight. I only have about forty minutes to kill, but I’m going to spin some Prince and get funky.
First track: ‘I Wish U Heaven Pts 1,2 & 3’.

The following was posted in the comments section of the Teahouse by an individual identifying themselves as ‘WeGoneApe’. My responses are in italics. They are also well written.

10 questions no negro or negro lover can dare answer:
My name is Winston Delgado. I believe I qualify as a ‘negro lover’ and I will dare to answer your questions. {yawn.}

1. Why do negroes always claim whitey is so racist, yet they look down on darker niggers, reject their own women, and kill their “brothas” in record numbers?
Oh God, I am stymied by these brave insights and stunning logic! No, seriously, are you actually wondering why people you are arguing to be subhuman seem to have internalized some of your crazy beliefs? See, this is why folks like myself believe that folks like you are doing a lot of harm to the world. You are tainting the collective consciousness with madness.

2. If the U. S. is such a bad place for negroes, what African toilet would they prefer to live in?
A perfectly reasonable and fair question that is totally not filled with hate and madness. I think they would actually like to live right where they are; they’re just not so keen on you shrieking hateful craziness at them.

3. Why are negroes still failing miserably 50 years after the civil rights movement, and after we humans have thrown trillions at the negro problem?
Again, with friendly encouragement like this, how could anyone go wrong? Really, if folks like you would just stop being such flaming assholes there wouldn’t be any ‘negro problem’. Racists create the ‘problem’ of ‘race’. What we have in the US is a real problem with generational poverty and ignorance which affects far more white people than black.

4. While negroes whine about slavery (even though they were sold to humans by black tribes), why have negroes always been so easy to enslave by humans, throughout the last 6,000 years of history, and are even enslaved today in North Africa?
The reality of slavery is too huge for me to joke about; right now, all around us, humans are being trafficked and worked against their will. What this ‘question’ neglects to acknowledge is that people of all races and backgrounds are in these situations through no fault of their own. The tone of this question reeks with the repugnant madness of evil, BTW. Just thought you should know.

5. If negroes are not apes, and not less evolved than humans, why do they have the cone-shaped ape cranium, the smaller, simpler ape brain, and low sloping ape forehead, the massive ape jaw and teeth, the yellowish ape eyes, the forward thrusting ape stance, the high protruding ape buttocks, and the long ape arms and hands?
I am very sensitive to language and word choice as my longtime readers know, and I have to tell you that right now I hear the buzzing of the Jezekiah Grasshopper. I can’t tell these racists apart; it’s like their souls have been scooped out and replaced with a squirming larvae that makes them all think and talk exactly alike.

6. Why do negroes consistently score lowest not only on IQ tests (even those designed by the NAACP with symbols replacing language), but on SAT, LSAT, ACT, Iowa Basic Skills, every test designed by every branch of the military, and all intelligence tests conducted by all states?
The second edition of ‘The Mismeasure of Man’ by Stephen J Gould is an excellent read on this very subject. The short answer is cultural bias. There certainly wouldn’t be any on a test you designed, right?

7. Why are the only successful negroes, outside of sports, the light skinned, high yellow hybrids?
This is just too stupid for words.

8. If all races are exactly alike, why are negroes over 80% of the NBA and NFL, 100% of world class men’s and women’s sprinters – yet comprise a fraction of 1% of people employed in the fields of science and technology?
Why have Jews been in the gem trade for generations? Because portable wealth was important when the Gentiles would periodically try to wipe them out. Why do more NFL players come from Samoa than anywhere else in the US? Probably not because Samoans are genetic supermen, but rather a combination of opportunity and very strong community support. Basketball is an incredibly challenging sport that requires very little in the way of equipment and a relatively small area for a court; it is perfect for inner city youth to play, as opposed to say, golf. Football teams are usually one of the last programs to hang on when all other extracurriculars have been cut so there are still a lot of kids playing. Conversely, science and technology programs in inner city schools are terrible and there isn’t much opportunity. But look at me, I’m arguing with a wall. I’m sorry. Let’s get back to the crazy hate.

9. Why are we now discovering negroes DNA differs from human DNA?
There we go. That’s the good stuff. Nice and clean. I love the buzz I get from a quick pure hit like this, a sort of silver haze that rings through my head like a bell and around it like a halo. Brother Kenny, I know you dislike my image of the Jezekiah Grasshopper, but it is vivid and true; listen behind the buzz, hear it insist over and over on it’s own humanity while all the while trying to dehumanize another. This is the buzz of Beelzebub that has sung madness into mans mind for millenia; it filled the rivers of Rwanda with butchered corpses, the streets of Nanking with the tortured dead, and piled skulls in Cambodia. This is the soothing hum the torturer embraces, a tuneless apologia for atrocity. This is a thing to be confronted directly and stripped of illusion as completely as possible; even though it is laughably stupid it is deadly serious.

10. Why does the negro’s “proud” homeland of sub-Saharan Africa stand out today and throughout all of human history (including long before humans colonized it) as a vile cesspool of the most primitive naked savagery, animalistic violence, mindless superstitions, uncontrolled diseases of every imaginable kind, and sub-human, bestial ignorance lacking any technology or even written languages?
It seems like you’ve confused Africa with Texas.

Tom Shelly, by the way is the Tom Paine of the cyber age, and Niggermania is the Common Sense, alerting humans of the black cancer that is eating away at our society.

Perhaps you should try actually reading something Thomas Paine wrote before you go making insane comparisons, but it would also help if you weren’t insane, too. I’m just saying. Good luck with that.
My unlimited love to y’all

15 Responses to “Arguing with a wall”

  1. “It seems like you’ve confused Africa with Texas.”

    * R O F L ! ! ! *

  2. “Confirmation bias”, that’s the word that’s running through my head. I may be stating the obvious, but sometimes it’s helpful to articulate what is happening. Tom (and the like) hear/ read phenomena (e.g., minority children under performing, minorities are paid less, etc.) and they plug it into a narrative. There is no challenging the narrative; confirmation bias is horrible scientific reasoning/ method.

    What I find even more startling/ ironic is that if minorities are truly retarded (as you assert they are), then aren’t whites just as retarded for not recognizing retardation when they see it? It seems that the racist reasoning is that: pervasive failure of a particular ethnicity = ethnic/ racial inferiority. So with a pervasive failure of white people to recognize

    I also find it humorous that you keep referring us to Niggermania for all these “facts”. Where to start? First, for every source you have there is an equal source stating a counterpoint. One book that pops in my head is Guns, Germs, and Steel. Second, there needs to be a distinction between phenomena and narrative. Just because minorities do worse in school or in less skilled professions (percentage wise) is not a tautology for “Blacks are dumber and less capable than white people”. It can mean that there are cultural and sociological reasons behind those phenomena (rather than biological). I’m not sure how smart and competent black people work into the “blacks are biologically inferior narrative” (for instance my fellow law students). I’m also not sure how racists can make consistent their beliefs that, that dumb white people are a result of sociological reasons and dumb black people are a result of genetics.

  3. Winston,
    Big, big props to you for responding to the questions as I would never have given such an obvious mo-ron the time of day.

    Just when I think that we’ve made some strides in civilization in being more acceptive of those other people (don’t know how to put those words in italics) in this world, someone like this comes along and slaps me in the face with a big ol’ whammy of ignorance.

    All that I can think of to say in response is that this is the kind of thinking/emoting that makes people in other countries believe that all Americans carry guns, bibles, and chewin’ tobacco wherever they go.


    • I’ve usually got the latter two not far from me anywhere I go, and don’t see anything wrong with carrying any of these things.

      • I’d also like to point out that the stereotype you just made, while much lighter in comparison, is akin to the stereotypes our ridiculous visitor made yesterday. You can’t fault this poster for their ignorance then apply their same twisted logic by making the comparison of a stereotypical ruralite to a hateful fundamentalist.


      • Just to clarify: I once had someone from Europe make that comment to me regarding Americans (as in we all carry guns, etc.). He was being totally serious.

      • Well it’s quite unfortunate that this person was misinformed and I hope you set him straight. I apologize if I was edgy, but there’s a lack of compassion in the air right now. The drums of war are beating and the zealot chieftains are championing a cause of dissociation with their enemies. Their poisonous tongues bewilder us into believing that their opposition is inhuman and unfit to share this land, or so uneducated they should be barred from any political process. Vivid imagery such as the “Smelly pot smoking jobless hippy”, or the “Gun toting tobacco chewing bible thumping texan” are rallying points for this dehumanization.

  4. -sigh-

    Beyond my obvious distaste for the previously-mentioned visitor and his very, very strange questions…the very small part of me capable of empathy for such people pities him. How utterly small he must feel to attempt to establish such a rigid heirarchy of being with, obviously, himself at the top. That whole white supremacy thing is really just a desperate need to feel special–and to do so requires that one be “more special” than someone else. And this guy…must feel very unspecial indeed.

    He’s still a tool, though. 🙂

  5. And Huck,

    Bibles = risk of putting someone’s eye out with one of the corners.

    Chewin’ tobacky = risk of severe blowback when spit out of the window of speedng cars. You might put your other eye out.

    (Just adding a little levity, people. It’s late.)

  6. I am tired of being blamed for everything that is wrong in the world because I am white. I am offended by the statement that religious people are bible toting, tobacco chewing racists. You can bash Christians -it’s ok, you can bash whites- it’s ok. Other races can call us “honky” cracker and we are told ” be understanding-it’s your fault they are doing this”. How about the nice black gentlemen who was screaming and was video taped ” I hate crackers, all crackers, kill all crackers, moms babies- I hate them all”. UMMMM , no one had an issue with that. But imagine for one moment if that had been a white man using the word nigger. Jesse Jackson makes a comment about “hymie town” and it was all pushed under the rug. Rap music is littered with the word nigga but that’s being creative. Have you listened to Corrine Waters Congresswoman from Florida? I encourage you to listen to her speech where she “gradulates” the football team for winning. And the woman has a Masters degree. I believe she was attempting to congratulate the winners. I hate no one but my theory is this – when the black people cease using the word they supposedly hate so much, then maybe others will stop. You cannot have it both ways.

    • I share in your disdain of the “tobacco spitting bible toting redneck” stereotype. However, any use of the N word perpetuates this same divisive pattern. It was a term used to dissociate the “civil” part of society from what they saw at the time as a commodity like livestock. We’re seeing the effectiveness of dissociative language right here. When people are taught to compartmentalize, stereotype, and think in terms of black and white we have nothing but anger towards one another.

      All you can do is change yourself, and lead by example. If you don’t want others to hate, don’t hate. You’re obviously just as caught up in the game as the people you loathe.

      • I give up.You did not respond to any of my comments.I did not say I hate or loathe anyone. I refuse to submit to political correctness when NO ONE else is doing so. I did not say I used the word nigga. I am merely trying to point out that what white people do or say is subject to critique, yet other races are not afforded the same treatment.

        So, with that said, I again – give up. I shall not read this blog again. I will leave the politically correct folks to themselves. It’s one thing to be open minded but no so open minded your brains fall out.

        Merry Christmas to all!

  7. Gee Winston,
    When did the people who read your blog become so serious and lose their collective sense of humor?

  8. […] seem to have mistaken me for a supernatural being. Sarah- You appear to be agitated by this subject and that is not unusual; it is no secret that […]

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