I am here now.

Sorry for the lack of updates. I am overwhelmed with work; however, I am feeling quite satisfied with the progress of my major project even as I am exhausted by it and have little time or energy for anything else in my life at the moment. Email hides unopened, the blog hangs unchanged, and all my attention revolves around a nothing as momentany as a dream. Bliss, indeed.

I sat watching a man at work today who didn’t notice me; I wondered that from the dust and ashes of stars, given enough time, such a thing as a person could come to be. I saw him struggling with a solution and wondered at the chemistry of calculations being carried out by his conscious effort; again I grasped at the hidden purpose of evolution as if it were there to be found, as if we were the result rather than the conduit. As if anything really has an end.

Today I held a piece of paper in front of a man’s face and told him it was a cloud. I pointed to a chair and said it was a velociraptor. Everyone in the room regarded me as wise. Earlier, a co-worker confessed to me that they were seeing hallucinatory mice scampering on the floor, and I think I was able to help them out with that.



One Response to “I am here now.”

  1. I understand. I usually drop by to check maybe twice a week. I am surprised though that you didn’t comment at all on the elections earlier this month.

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