RIP Benoit Mandelbrot

Despite my obviously profound deficiencies in mathematics the work of mathematicians is influential on my thinking and aesthetics; Benoit Mandelbrot was particularly influential in both categories. His ideas regarding the fractal geometry of nature are profound whether you are a painter or a philosopher. While most people are familiar with fractals as the source of the images on the visualizer on Itunes, there is something more elemental about them; it is on par with the discovery of pi or the invention of zero. That his insight into the basic geometry of nature required the invention of the computer to happen is evidence that there is still a great deal to learn about reality and our age is not as far removed from Euclid as we think.

2 Responses to “RIP Benoit Mandelbrot”

  1. His contribution to the way we understand our Cosmos, is only just now being understood outside of academia.

    His life story is also interesting in that it is one of those stories that begs the question of how long it would have been for someone else to discover this. It also makes one wonder what we have lost because of the Nazis.

  2. Interestingly enough, geometry was my favorite math concentration. Fractals are awesome–a weird statement from someone who is completely right-brained (that’s the creative side right, as opposed to the logical left side? always get that confused).

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