Sunday nights, congested weekends

I’ve been laying around all weekend with a head cold. It’s seven o’clock on Sunday night and I haven’t done much more than play video games this weekend. Well, that and cough.

This is why I don’t want to write about politics right here, here, and here. The first two illustrate everything that is wrong with the GOP in a caricature so coarse it could only be misread by neanderthals. The last one is a demonstration of how the Democrats just can’t seem to get it right even when the gift is delivered right to them. Consider that the Republican party is being led about by entertainers and that their most popular politician is a failed VP candidate who quit their job as governor of Alaska to become a commentator on FOX; doing this has actually increased her chances of being the Republican nominee for President. In a way I can respect the Democrats for saying ‘no thank you’ to entertainers meddling in the mechanics of governing; however, progressives have been saying that we need a liberal answer to Limbaugh and Beck, so why should we rebuke Colbert and Stewart when they present themselves as perfect foils?

It is easy to be a fool on the hill, though.

The equinox was cool. I unveiled a painting for a friend; it was her 40th birthday and I wanted to give her a special portrait. Sadly, it’s a private painting and won’t be up on the ‘nets.

Had a very nice night on Friday, though. I went to see a concert with a couple of friends and we had a great time; we saw that kid who won American Idol over at the racetrack and it was actually a pretty cool show. I definitely am not normally an ‘American Idol’ kind of guy but I really liked this De Wyze kid and my friends liked him even more. We make an odd trio but we always laugh; when we started talking about shows we had seen in the past I started feeling older than I am. The show was excellent and he left everyone wanting more, which is always a wise thing to do.

One Response to “Sunday nights, congested weekends”

  1. Don’t go around feeling old… you are young at heart & always will be!
    Hope you’re feeling better soon my friend!

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