Me and the Sisters of Persephone

I’m waiting for Electra. I haven’t seen her in fifteen years. She’s coming by for dinner. I’m very happy to see her. I’ve spent the day cleaning the house. I’m really looking forward to talking with her. I saw Daphne a little over a month ago at the funeral of a friend’s mother. It was a sad occasion but I was happy to see her. When I divorced Persephone I found that I still missed her sisters even long after I had let her go. It was easy to love them all and even easier to make them laugh. We had good times.

Last night I had dinner with the Mayweathers and we watched the bonus material on the final Lost DVD, and it was actually a perfect denouement to the series. Then we played Scrabble. Ms Mayweather is preparing for a tournament and she wiped Mr Mayweather and off the board. Dinner was delicious. Ms Mayweather is one of those wizards who can improvise crazily in the kitchen and I can’t even describe what I ate other than to say that it was a bowl of exquisite mystery that still haunts me. To sit at her table is a privilege.

It’s been a long week. I’ve had all sorts of people making all sorts of demands on my attention and energy. Julia and I have been separating in an amicably casual way but our relationship remains intimately complicated and this week had some real moments. It’s part of the reason that I’m looking forward to tonight so much; a touchstone from the past who knows me well is always welcome at a time like this, but that it is Electra who has stepped forth suddenly from the mists of time is a special joy.

She’s here.

4 Responses to “Me and the Sisters of Persephone”

  1. Divorce leaves so many loose ends it’s painful to see them unresolved. Often I find myself wondering “what if…”, and wishing I could keep some aspects of my previous life while leaving others. Hope it went well for you.

  2. It funny what you keep and what you let go in life. Often the things we are most certain of are the most ephemeral of them all; I have a deeper appreciation of fluidity, spectrum, and relativity than I did when I was young. I also have come to see that interruption and delay are part of life; relationships are only unresolved when one of the people involved has died. But you are right; divorce severs more than and man and a wife.

  3. Well damn Winston, if I thought all around it like that my Marriage would still be going…

    That’ is doubtful but honestly, I’m glad to have you as a friend. You show me new ways to think about things.

  4. The feeling is mutual, Huck.

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