Apparently it was roomy enough for some X as well. This is CNN. The sad thing is that as I typed the headline to this post it occurred to me that this will probably end up getting more hits than anything else I’ve ever done combined. And that made me a little sad, but I liked the alliteration too much to let it go. Plus, I’ve never really had the opportunity to use the word ‘snizz’ in a poetic mode, and I might just be moved to compose an epic lyric from this, or at least decompose some doggerel.
‘The planet was shifting by unfrozen inches
her ecological systems creaking like broken winches
the carbon drenched oceans are starting to fizz
and Paris Hilton smuggled snow in her snizz’

I’m going to work on that.

According to Glenn and Sarah, building a community center is the same thing as burning a Koran. On the one hand, I must applaud them for condemning Terry Jones. On the other, they are obviously doing it to give themselves cover on their heated opposition to Park 51.
And yes, the President get it right. Remember a few years ago how when lefties would criticize the President and right wingers would say that Al Qaida and the Arab world can read our media and see that this shows how we are divided and would boost their morale to know that we weren’t a united front on everything? Well, suck on it.
I find myself agreeing with this sentiment.
Tea Partiers love the Constitution so much they want to shred it. I really am sick of arguing with people who tell me they love the Constitution more than I do and then start yammering about all of the amendments that need to be repealed. How can you say you love a country but then want to repeal the advances that made it great? I will grant that there were a lot of horrible things about the 20th Century, but the Civil Rights Act was not one of them.

This was a hard read. No simple solutions here.

This made me feel much better about humanity. Listen to it if you can, but read it for sure.


  1. The article about the woman who was so desperate that she became an escort for six weeks was just plain sad–in so many ways. Sad personally for her. A sad reflection of the state that this economy is in, and a sad, sad statement about how marginalized and downtrodden so many people have become.

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