This is an interesting point of view regarding Mr Beck.
This is one of the better perspectives on yesterday that I have read.

Yesterday I started a new portrait of Dr and Coretta Scott King. I have to say, the Age of Obama has been very stimulating creatively for myself as I have produced more pointedly political work now than I did during eight years of Bush. I mean this, of course, in terms of the oil paintings and big stuff; I turned out plenty of schlocky cartoons and crap over those eight years but nothing that I consider of any lasting interest. But this administration is different. I just finished something I call ‘Echo (Can You Hear It?)’ that has a rather complicated origin. Matisse did a piece called ‘L’Escargot’ (The Snail) in 1953. Alma Thomas did a piece called ‘Watusi (Hard Edge) that played with it. The Obamas hung the Thomas piece and Michelle Malkin and other right wingers embarrassed themselves with their ‘art criticism’.

This piece is my response to that specifically and it is an expression of my love and pride for America generally. These paintings really are meant to be viewed by the naked eye and the photograph is low quality, but I think the idea comes through.

ECHO (Can You Hear It?)

'Echo (Can You Hear It?)' Oil, 2'x2'. Winston Delgado

'Echo (Can You Hear It?)' Oil, 2'x2'

7 Responses to “Inspired”

  1. Ehh… the two paintings are the same. Change the colors, rotate, woo-hoo. Now the lincoln twist with red white and blue, that is art.

    • Also, thank you for tipping me off to Michele Malkin’s wonderful blog. I’m beginning to think that despite my conservative political philosophy I will probably never allow myself to be called one. Thank Malkin, Beck, and Palin who’s idiotic ramblings remind me of the three kids who kept beating the pinata so long the rest of us got tired of waiting for the candy and went home.

      Mr. President, the things you have done to(for) my country sting my soul to it’s very core, but…! I, unlike those whose view I share, fully respect your right to ride a bicycle and look like a goofball.

  2. I sympathize. I have always felt the same way when people try to characterize liberals by our worst examples…

  3. Milk just came out my nose. Nice one.

  4. Thanks for a great link on Beck. I suppose that I should be more informed about his background since I spend so much time slamming him, but sometimes it’s more fun to be blissfully ignorant about the blissfully ignorant.

    Love the art but refuse to become a regular reader of Malkin.

  5. Oh, there’s no need to become a regular reader to get what she’s all about. There aren’t any subtle nuances waiting to be teased out of her pithy musings.

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