Glenn Beck Superstar (Saturday in the Park Liveblog)

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There is no connection between crimes committed against Muslims by disturbed individuals and the hateful rhetoric being leveled at them by the right wing and you would be a fool and a communist to make one.

This made me blink and shake my head several times before I understood what I was reading; although I am never surprised to see Jurassic-era racism alive and well in the modern age, even this story strains my credulity. However, justifying not allowing a black kid to be class president with the rationale that the goal was to ‘achieve racial equality’ does have the reek of authenticity.

Glenn Beck is bringing his parade of deranged demagoguery to the Mall today, which coincidentally on the 47th anniversary of Dr King’s speech. One of Beck’s speakers is a niece of Dr King who is a quisling conservative who has made a career of giving throbbing erections to right wingers by telling them that her uncle was an anti-choice homophobic Republican. (She also sued Paramount Pictures for claiming Eddie Murphy’s ‘Coming To America’ ripped off her novel. which is just goofy.) Beck has also recently informed America that Dr King ‘doesn’t belong to black people’, so surely today there will be some truly astounding attempts to co-opt King’s legacy. The charity Beck is promoting is legitimate and deserves support, but Beck’s weasel language regarding how funds will first cover the cost of the event before anything goes to charity mean that much of that money will end up in the pockets of already wealthy demagogues.

Incidentally, while Beck and Palin were getting ready to put on their little pageant in the park, The Worst American Evar brought home an American who had been sentenced to eight years of hard labor in North Korea.

*CHECK OUT KENNY’S LINK IN THE COMMENTS-Kenny, thanks, you saved me the trouble of embedding it here while I am updating this. I’ll add it at the end when I’m finally finished today. But, yeah that tune is today’s theme. I’m listening to the live one from ‘Rattle and Hum’ right now. I’ll embed this video as well later. Thank you for those links, Kenny.

Holy shit this is such a nauseating mockery that I don’t know whether to laugh or cry but I’m definitely going to vomit. I titled this post to make mock of Beck’s narcissistic messiah delusions, but there he is claiming God has chosen him to wake up America or whatever. He is morning zoo dj who is engaging in the most shallow parody of a sacred moment in this nation’s history and the asshole actually believes his own bullshit.

I am very sorry for the language. I don’t like to curse in the blog because the culture doesn’t need it but for fuck’s sake, what the hell is wrong with these people?

A study in contrast.
John Stewart gets it.
I seriously doubt the ‘apolitical’ nature of this travesty as well.

A rich white conservative man talking about ‘reclaiming’ the Civil Rights Movement is absurd, and do it on the anniversary of the ‘I Have a Dream’ speech two steps below from where it was delivered is just obscene. Beck called Barack Obama a ‘socialist’ and a ‘communist’ and a  ‘racist’ who ‘hates white people’ and has never apologized or retracted those statements; without a doubt he would have been one of the people who called Dr King a ‘communist’ and a ‘socialist’ and a ‘racist’ who ‘hates white people‘. He was persecuted by groups that resemble and echo the Tea Party with the same sort of vile lies that have been hurled at our President. The irony of this brew is of such quantity and bitterness that it is toxic to humans.
How shocking and unexpected. I don’t understand. She’s always been such a nice girl.
Okay, a dude died so I’m going to resist all of my urges to crack wise. All I know is that these people clearly never saw Stand By Me.

And why does it have to be Al Sharpton who holds the counter-rally? Is that really the best we can do?

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7 Responses to “Glenn Beck Superstar (Saturday in the Park Liveblog)”

  1. Here is almost all that needs to be said about the events unfolding today.

  2. As far as the few things that need to be said. Anti-Choice and Homophobic makes sense. After all, he was a Southern Baptist Preacher and was theologically rather conservative, if not a fundamentalist. However, it strains credulity to the breaking point to think that a man who regularly called for monetary reparations be paid by from the Federal Treasury to Blacks and other minority groups could be a political conservative.

  3. There’s a lot of strained credulity going around these days, brother.

  4. actually, the first link is the speech. Here is the one about which you were thinking

  5. Dammit. Computer locked up while I was ranting. Attempt to recreate:

    That race-baiting charlatan Beck does not need to reclaim the civil rights movement or bring America back to God. I don’t recall anyone asking for a civil rights redo, and as I have stated many times before, the U.S. is not a theocracy; therefore, it does not need to be directed back to god.

    By the way, didn’t you hear the Beckster say that he didn’t write a formal speech just in case the spirit speaks to him and he needs to act as a holy conduit. Jesus, Mary and Joseph . . .

    As for the school elections: only in Mississippi, well, not really. Want to be sure no blackies are allowed to handle the school treasury or something like welfare might break out. Sorry, but the premise called for extreme sarcasm.

  6. It really is staggering how they can angry up the blood. Don’t worry, I understand the difficulty in stretching sarcasm far enough to fit over their gross distortions; what kind of ironic frame could fit around Palin and Beck trying to co-opt Dr King’s legacy? They make their own satire the way Alpo makes it’s own gravy.

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