Quit Your Way To Success!

That strategy of foisting Sarah Palin onto the national platform is really paying dividends for the GOP. The major flaw of our modern viewpoint is that it is quick-cut and therefore never has time to linger, to consider, to pause and wait for the truth to reveal itself. We  see many, many things and we don’t look closely at any of it and the connections we make are facile at best and outright backwards most of the time. The warning signs have been appearing for a while; consider that the evacuation plan for New Orleans consisted of a Power Point or that even now while writing this sentence I have flitted away to look for an image to paint, picked out music to listen to (Joe Jackson’s Heaven and Hell), looked for something to make for dinner, then stood and contemplated my latest painting and I again decided that I have actually impressed myself which isn’t as easy as it sounds, my friends, and it isn’t anything you’ve seen yet so wipe that look off your face right now, because this is going to knock you on your ass. Anyway, what was I talking about?

Oh, yeah. How we’ve become ADDled. It’s pretty insidious. One minute you’re trying to find a running mate for your respected war hero Senator and just a little while later a governor who quit her job for no apparent reason other than it was getting in the way of her being famous is hijacking the Republican Party with Tweets and FB posts that appear to be written by an uninformed teenager. It’s really quite something. What worries me is that I’m the one who is the irresponsible arty space case who can never quite get his act together and it becoming clear as day to me that I am not the only person who is checking his email or fussing with his music when he should be doing actual research for an alleged essay, which is ridiculous thing for him to be doing anyway when he as other work to do and it’s not like he’s actually pointing anything profound out other than, ‘oh look, the culture’s deteriorating’, which isn’t really that helpful if you think about it, it certainly isn’t as helpful as trying to add something to the culture.

Over the years I’ve worked my way up to be a troubleshooter at the Clown Factory and on occasion I have managed small groups of people and I’ve had to come up with strategies that, if they haven’t led me to the kind of incredible success of a Palin, have managed to conceal my innate dullness from my peers and to even make my various incompetencies appear to be strengths, or at least less glaring.


‘Be careful, we’re stupid.’ If it were up to me, this motto would be on the money in every denomination in every nation. It should be on the flag of Earth. Instead of ‘good bye’, we should say this to each other.

Everything else just sort of blossoms from that, actually. It becomes the answer to difficult questions, such as, ‘Should we eliminate the 14th Amendment?’
‘Be careful, we’re stupid’.
Or, ‘Should we deregulate the banking industry?’
‘Be careful, we’re stupid’.
Or, ‘Hey, watch me taunt this venemous monkey.’
‘Be careful, we’re stupid.’
Okay, the last one wasn’t really a question, but that only demonstrates my point…

3 Responses to “Quit Your Way To Success!”

  1. I could probably rowdy up some people right now if I wanted to, and could easily rowdy up alot of people if I had the media attention and resources she does. I personally would never do such a thing, I don’t see her championing a genuine cause, she’s riding a fame bubble and loving it. Vanity and politics… sigh.

  2. Be careful. We’re stupid.

    Brilliant. Succinct. Precise.

    Trademark it. Put it on bumper stickers and t-shirts. Submit it for the Pulitzer.

  3. Thanks. I’m proud of that one.

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