From the Rummage Bin#2: ALL HAIL XENU!

This is one of my favorite photographs of all time. Sadly, the very best part of it is the expression on ‘Don’s’ face, but as I don’t have his current permission to use his face and the nature of this photo I decided to block it out. But trust me friends, he looks proud. I had made the shirt (yeah, it’s still there. I couldn’t believe I remembered my password.) as a joke poking fun at Scientology, but a couple of my friends ran with it. They were going on a roadtrip to Florida Clearwater, so they bought the shirt and Don put it on outside the ‘Super Powers Institute’ while J took the shot. They were quickly set upon by people in suits with clipboards and cameras who surrounded them moments after this shot was taken. They got out of there quick but had certainly stirred up the hornet’s nest. But this picture is priceless and I still wear my shirt to paint in. I might even get a new one…

All Hail Xenu

Don taunts the Scientologists

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