Where to begin…

Why is it okay for David Frum to imagine Sarah Palin dead? (I’m only half-joking here.)
Mark Williams, keeping things in perspective. Surely calling the Mayor of New York City a ‘Judenrat’ is his first brilliant step in showing the world that he is not a demented racist. What did that remind me of, anyway?
I think this gets to what we really bothers me about Glenn Beck’s 9/12 movement; that was a day when all Americans felt shellshocked and thoroughly freaked out. The feelings coursing through us were not our most noble aspirations, they were a mix of sick fear, disbelief, and a paranoid rage. For example, on 9/14 the whole tribe had gathered at the Castle. I was on the front porch with Wulf where we had both taken to smoking again. (I had quit a few years earlier but had restarted on my home from work on that Tuesday. I quit for good on November 4, 2008.) A rattletrap pickup truck clattered by, spewing a huge white cloud from an air compressor on the flatbed. Within four minutes we were dialing 911 reporting an Al Qaida biological attack on our neighborhood. It made a crazy sense to us; our neighborhood was five minutes from O’Hare airport in a densely populated suburb of Chicago located at the intersection of multiple forms of transcontinental travel lines. We were a perfect target for the release of a contagion through some simple means, and we were not the only people who thought that. I was the 35th caller that night reporting the same thing. It was part of the mosquito abatement program; you see, we were literally at Ground Zero for West Nile Virus and that summer the birds had literally been dropping dead from the trees daily. I remember walking a few blocks to the Walgreens and counting fourteen adult birds of various species along the way, it was as creepily ominous as it sounds and maybe even one of the reasons I was so primed for the freakout; yet all of this had been completely wiped from our minds by 9/12. Beck’s audience does not need to whip itself further into an irrational frenzy for apocalypse nostalgia.
I don’t agree with everything to be found in these two posts but most of it is dead on.
Speaking of omens
Way to go Joe!
Oh, so now it’s a language
My lefty friends, the one good thing about these days is that I think the stereotypical trope of the ‘obnoxious lefty protester’ will finally be replaced by that of the ‘obnoxious right wing protester‘. And if you are one of my readers who is always quick to remind me that the few don’t represent the many when we are discussing racism and the teabaggers, couldn’t the same be said of the Al Qaida and Islam? We either believe in guilt by association or freedom or religion, not both.

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