Stop Scaring My Nana

I don’t buy into conspiracy theory, but there’s something different going on here. I mean, it would be awfully convenient for some people if the allegations were true. Even if they’re not true, it’s still pretty convenient. THIS JUST IN-The charges have  been dropped. The weirdness continues.

I can very easily condemn Dr Laura and the people who are spreading malicious lies about the Lower East Side Community Center.  It’s a matter of conscience. Mine is very clear on these matters.

I can’t think of a shittier way to commemorate the 9/11 attacks than to engage in aggressively ugly religious bigotry.

I mean really, people. My nana is 89 years old and you are freaking her out. I keep telling her to stop watching FOX and listening to the shrieking idiots on the radio, ‘put on NPR,’ I say, and she isn’t interested. She doesn’t understand why the country is becoming Muslim. Mission accomplished, Roger Ailes. I don’t enjoy correcting my Nana. It is a very delicate process that requires multiple explanations as she is very sharp and asks lots of questions.

First I explained that the community center is not on the Ground Zero location. It’s a couple blocks away in an abandoned Burlington Coat Factory store. Then I had to explain about all the things that were around there, like strip clubs and adult book stores. That’s fun to talk to Nana about. Thanks for that one. Then I had to explain that the community center is not a mosque, but that it does have a prayer area in it because Muslims pray five times a day, so that anyplace they regularly gather is going to have a prayer area. I mentioned that there is a Muslim community center closer to my house than the distance between Ground Zero and the proposed one, and Nana’s eyes grew wide.

This led to a side discussion of the neighborhood, which is awesome (I’m in Mayfair). I was surprised to see that she was mildly surprised to discover that my landlord is hispanic, but then she’s my mom’s mom and not Nana Delgado. That’s a whole other thing. My Nana isn’t racist; her and my Grandpa were always very liberal in their way, it’s just that she’s 89 and has a different perspective on the world. She’s still sharper than most people half her age, she’s just been lied to by her television all summer.

I explained that there’s mosques inside the Pentagon. That entailed explaining that we let Muslims serve in our military, which led to an entire explanation on the difference between the attackers on 9/11 and Muslims in general, and included my relating of how Iranians held candlelight vigils for America after the 9/11 attacks. I reminded her that there were demonstrations of sympathy and unity with the US across the Islamic world even as there were those who cheered our attackers. I explained how the goal of Osama Bin Laden and his minions is to ignite a holy war between the West and Islam and that the only way we are going to defeat them is to make a lasting mutually respectful peace. We are a free nation, a republic of individuals without a king, a throne, or a man in a magic hat to tell us what to do, and this is what makes us great. We can absorb any people, any religion, any culture, and still we remain the United States of America. Attacking Muslims is what Al Qaida wants us to do; Al Qaida wants us to curtail our liberties and rights, they wants us to unmake ourselves. The people who are working themselves into a froth over Park 51 are playing right into the hands of the enemy and they are scaring the hell out of my Nana. They need to check themselves right now.

5 Responses to “Stop Scaring My Nana”

  1. It’s funny how FOX News was preaching constitutionality all over the health care bill but when the president explains that it’s perfectly constitutional to build this thing I hear “This isn’t about the constitution this is about Americanism” (Or something to that effect, it was a very limp argument). Seems they stand by their ideals when it suits them and when it’s easier to make a political frenzy on the opposite side they jump right on it.

    I don’t see it as threatening to our American identity, it reinforces our value of religious freedom. It shows that we can maintain the values which make America great no matter what our enemies have done.

    • That sort of ‘Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia’ doublethink has always been a source of amazed amusement for me. I mean, think of the montages you could compile of Beck, O’Reilley and Limbaugh alone contradicting themselves!

  2. Also Winston I found this link while perusing the internet today and despite consciously weighing the odds that it will send you into a rant, I had to share. You are the furious buddha after all.

  3. Okay, first, great post. Talking to your Nana could be a metaphor for talking to many Americans, only your Nana has the intelligence not to shout you down with distortions.

    Second, I made the mistake of following Huck’s link. I was going to add a comment until I noticed that the post was two years old, that, and someone had already pointed out that prolific serial killer Bundy was a Republican.

    Doubly agree: What a maroon.

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