Don’t Put Salt In Your Eyes

Yes, Sarah, I do seriously believe that Dr Laura Schlissinger is a racist. This is because she expresses racist opinions and repeats racist tropes. Nobody is infringing on her freedom of speech; she chose to take herself off the air before anyone could even say anything about it. It was definitely a preemptive action but it is absurd to claim that she is somehow being oppressed. What is so exasperating about the hypocrisy at work here is that the first amendment rights of Muslims who want to build a community center with basketball courts as well as a small mosque on the Lower East Side of Manhattan aren’t as worthy as Dr Laura’s right to taunt a black woman who came to her for help by repeating the word ‘nigger’ and telling the woman she needs a better sense of humor. But that’s the voice Sarah wants Americans to listen to.
Roger Ebert keeps it simple
. I really enjoy his writing.
Greenwald v Goldberg is some pretty good stuff. I would love to find some way to hold all of the Bush panegyrists responsible for their words but I don’t see that happening any time soon.

Enough. It is Friday afternoon. Enjoy…

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