How Crazy Does the Crazy Have To Get Before We Can Call It Crazy?


For years I have hoped for a conservative foil who would challenge me and call me out when I’m being lazy without being, well, you know how contentious the Sea of Master Debaters can be. I am very grateful for your contributions and flattered by your loyal readership. I mean, Kenny called me out for being overwrought the other day, and of course he was right, but I expect that from him. I am actually a very Earthy and easy to talk to individual but my response to the continued degradation of what passes for literacy and discourse in our culture is to force my readers to follow me along my trails of thought because if they are interested in enough in what I have to say they will follow my words for a few seconds longer before they rush off to read another list of the top seven things they don’t need to know, and if they can’t do that then they’re not one of my readers, like you, Cherished One, who followed this sentence all the way to the terminus.

I absolutely agree that the Panthers and the Tea Party aren’t equivalent but I would add that the fear of black people with guns goes deeper than contemporary crime. One of the things Dr Laura got right in her crazy-ass rant (a blend of pure naked crazy that is even more revealing than those nasty pictures) was that African-Americans comprise about 12% of the population, so right there is a fundamental difference. The first gun laws, and by that I mean going way back to before there was a United States on this continent there were laws keeping guns out of the hands of black people. The antebellum North had plenty of such laws, and in some places free blacks weren’t allowed to have dogs because they could be trained to attack. The fear of an armed slave revolt was the deepest terror imaginable for the examples set in places like Haiti were monstrously horrifying. This led directly to violent repression visited upon black people in America throughout the early and mid 20th Century; the Black Panthers emerged from this environment. The purpose of the legislative session they interrupted was to pass the Mulford Act, a bill that would prohibit the carrying of loaded firearms in public. This surprisingly anti-second amendment measure was signed into law by St Reagan himself, which demonstrates that black people parading around with guns can make white people forget their most cherished political principles. All kidding aside, it is possible to understand the Panthers from a historical perspective without condoning the crimes they perpetrated the same as it is possible to understand Reagan from a historical perspective without condoning the crimes he perpetrated.

And now, a linkstorm:
So, I just finished watching the Tudors and one of the interesting things in the story was that Henry couldn’t attend a funeral because it was treason to imagine the king dead, and well, one couldn’t help themselves from doing such a thing if the king were present at a funeral. Fast forward to the 21st Century. Imagining the king is dead is not the same thing as killing the king, or even wishing the king to be dead. Isn’t it interesting how Ms Palin is one of those public figures who has that royalty vibe?

Now that you have that image in your mind, try to imagine what Michelle Bachmann could possibly say that could lead to her immediate resognation. Another fun game is to remember why Dan Rather had to resign in disgrace and why Andrew Breitbart is still being invited to GOP fundraisers.
More crazy
I dunno if ‘Terror Babies’ has the right ring to it. I keep thinking of ‘Muppet Babies’ with bombs
. But it is pretty crazy.
An interesting peek into the crazy anti-gay movement
The crazy of the sovereign citizen has an old-fashioned purity to it.

Wait, I have just discovered a boundary to right wing hate speech. I guess it turns out that if you are a white supremacist advocate of genocide and a minor right wing media personality you probably shouldn’t make death threats against specific federal judges.  I especially love how when Turner was squirming in the grip of justice his defense was to claim he was an FBI informant. It’s difficult to figure out most obvious flaw with this plan, though I suppose the fact that the government actually keeps records of who their informants are would be an impediment to success. Also, Hal Turner just revealed himself to be a cowardly huckster with absolutely no loyalty to the rabble he is trying to rouse.

Huck, I have to tell you that I am completely uninspired by Kerry, Reid and the rest of the house Dems (Except for Mr Grayson, of him, I am a fan.) I am disgusted and repulsed by John Edwards but before that I thought he was a haircut of a man. But compared to what the Republicans are offering up, the Democrats look like responsible statesmen, and that should frighten both of us. I don’t know if I really answered your points but I do enjoy the back and forth…


9 Responses to “How Crazy Does the Crazy Have To Get Before We Can Call It Crazy?”

  1. I call it crazy as of two years ago, maybe more. Angle and Bachmann . . . add Palin and the estrogen trifectca of lunacy is complete. Speaking of people who should be shot (with rotten eggs, mind you).

    Anchor babies v. Terror babies. Who will win? It’s all so salicious. Personally, I think that Grohmert is a Prince of a man . . .

    As for the Dems, whoa be to all of us. Spineless, passive/aggressive buffoons. Let’s hearken back to the old naves and phillistines of literary criticism. No one will understand it anyway.

    Bah, I say. bah.

  2. I distrust purists and ideologues. I would much rather live in a society governed by pragmatic technocrats than a nationalist ideologue or God forbid, a theocracy of any sort. In other words I prefer to live in a society where my politicians are bland bureaucrats tending to the necessities of of governance rather than trying to rally the people against some imagined threat.
    But, as it has been noted, I distrust authority.

  3. I can’t see either party as responsible at this point. We have some statesmen that are responsible for spending sprees and we have others who are responsible for lackluster attempts at populism.

    I think race relations are far better now than ever despite what certain media outlets are saying. Most of us hated the last few white presidents we’ve had and alot of us are fed up with the black president we have now so how about from now on we stop worrying about what the next one’s gonna look like and determine who’s gonna do for us what we deserve.

  4. I actually agree that race relations are far better now than ever and that is exactly why we are having this tense moment. Having Barack Hussein Obama actually be the President of the United States is significantly different from any ‘symbolic’ moment since the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and so it should not be surprising that long suppressed anxieties are being expressed so freely. Racism can be thought of as a wound in the breast of America that has been festering for a very long time, and I take this explosion of pus as a sign that the wound is at long last beginning to finally heal. Silently nursed grudges never fade but shouted arguments quickly do.

  5. Man, I misspelled salacious AND knaves.

  6. Nobody gets called out on spelling in the teahouse, darlin’.
    Besides, I know you’re smart, so I just thought you were drunk.

    • Man, I wish that I were drunk…

      Thanks for not caring. My OCD about spelling makes me go back and reread things after the fact so that I can beat myself up. Luckily, I wasn’t around when self-flagellation was in vogue.

  7. I think it was a few months after I started coming here that I realized I talk like a rube. It makes me giggle when I think of the shocked and horrified looks on Winston’s face when he reads some of my sentences. I’ve always had difficulty communicating but just recently realized it.

  8. […] Tea Party Where Everyone Knows Nothing Huck pointed out to me yesterday that race relations in America actually are at a high point and I f…; in the past day I’ve talked over the notion with Miss M and Sam, who both agreed and over […]

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