Conservatives! Why believe in relativity when you can reject reality?

Hot damn tamale. They got ’em. I’ve been following this story for several days now. A lot of prominent conservatives like to play fun race baiting games but they never seem to want to play the one where we reverse the races in these kinds of situations. I mean, do you think Limbaugh or Beck would have taken notice if a black guy ran around stabbing a bunch of white people in various states? Of course, I find it difficult to imagine a black guy making it to another state after the first couple of attacks.

My conservative friends will often angrily chide me for characterizing conservatives as being ‘anti-science’; they accuse me of being a bigoted snob towards religion or of furthering some vicious canard that conservatives are anti-intellectual. Then there’s Andy Schafly over at Conservapedia, who is my go-to guy for hot steaming right-wing crazy. I think he and Selwyn Duke must hang out because there’s a really strong similarity in their strain of thinking. Selwyn had a bug up his ass about Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, too. I spent a rainy afternoon trying to explain to him the difference between moral relativism and physical relativity, but he was having none of it. I love people like this because they keep the boundary between reality and satire very porous.

Tom Tomorrow nails it this week.

I really do have a theme going here with Conservatives V Reality. Anyone who takes Newt Gingrich seriously as an ‘intellectual’ needs to learn how to read complete sentences, and not just get the gist of things from headlines and pictures.

I was talking about Black History and perspective recently and this speaks to that.

Anatomy of conservative rewrite of reality in action: A woman in a videotaped confrontation with Sarah Palin says she’s a teacher and Sarah Palin (clearly and dramatically for emphasis) rolls her eyes. Palin then denies that she rolled her eyes. Her followers then agree with Sarah and insist that the woman is not a teacher. Also, everyone who is picking on Sarah hates America and Jesus, which includes you for reading this far.

One Response to “Conservatives! Why believe in relativity when you can reject reality?”

  1. If tea party members were black, I thought we already went over this…

    A group of 30 armed Black Panthers marched into the state capital of California and read a letter protesting a bill that would restrict the second amendment. They were promptly arrested. If 30 armed Tea Party members marched into any federal building and read a letter of protest they would be promptly arrested. This I believe to be 100% true.

    What I don’t believe to be accurate is the article’s portrayal of blacks and whites as polar opposites. As if you can just reverse these race roles and call everyone

    There’s a cultural stigma regarding blacks and guns due to a history of violence and gang activity in urban areas. So Huck are you saying that so long as black people stop acting out their innate violent tendencies they can carry guns at protests and be called patriots? Now wait before you start to throw accusations of bigotry.

    Much of the aforementioned cultural stigma stems from overexposure in the media and the capitalistic glorification of gang violence in our pop culture. So if this is how an armed black man is characterized in our media who should we really be mad at?

    The point of the article is to say that ‘the tea party is bad because they said these things and black people can’t without being crucified’, that we should all be superficially racially sensitive and that none of these guys would be pissed off if it was a white guy doing this stuff. Here’s a news flash, none of these people would be pissed off if they were getting back to work, taking part in a stabile economy.

    Cept Rush, and Palin, who can take a long walk on a short pier for all I care.

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