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I related to this. A lot of the materials I use in my work I accumulate in a way similar to what he describes. I really like the photos of the eggs.
Free speech and the end of freedom
Rand Paul says something stupid… that in itself is not news, but I thought this was a knee slapper.
And Sharon Angle tops him! She is a fountain of babble.
If this is the kind of person who gets six figure publishing deals, I’m happy being me. Seriously.
You know, I thought George W Bush was literally one of the worst Presidents to occupy the office and his actions were damaging to the nation but I never sat around nursing wank fantasies about armed revolution. I am a terrible American, I guess…
A frighteningly insightful analysis of why some people love Glenn Beck so much. I have a couple of family members who are big fans of his and this characterization suits them as if it were cut to their fit.
The American Dream, circa 2010. It reminds me of the old man in The Shawshank Redemption, except it’s for reals.
Breaking News: Wyclef Jean to Run for President of Haiti. They could do far worse. Come to think of it, they have. More than once. Historically speaking, Haiti’s best leaders have been unconventional souls.
I wonder where all this scrutiny and overhindsighting was during the Bush Administration?
Dammit. I liked Target.
I rip a lot of my links off of the New Mad. Check it out.

A friend of mine who is internet famous (buy his posters) made awesome party favors for the last season of Lost, including a regularly-updated bingo game. I mention because I am currently listening to BB Kings’ ‘Chains and Things’ which was on the unofficial Lost soundtrack that Justin whipped up for the final episode. He didn’t just burn a bunch of songs onto a CD, either. There was packaging. He called it Dharma Initiative Orientation Jams, and it’s a cool mix. It gave me a whole new appreciation for Three Dog Night.

I never wrote about the end of Lost but I think it’s because there really wasn’t anything to write about. The delight in the show was in the mystery; no reveal could have been satisfying the way the audience was wishing for it to be. A deus ex machina is always loud with lots of lights and smoke and to expect anything more is to prime yourself for disappointment. I had been a huge fan of the X-Files and watched it steadily disintegrate as it tried to incorporate their deus ex machina as a regular character every week, and the more often they pulled the curtain aside to reveal it standing in front of another curtain the more disenchanted I became until I just stopped watching altogether. Lost didn’t fall into this trap, and that’s something.

Currently, Julia and I are watching In Treatment, and it’s really interesting. The episodes are short but the arcs are long and unconventional; it follows a therapist through a series of sessions and is as compelling as it is simple. The cast is top notch and the performances are masterful. We just finished the Tudors and it was a pretty dazzling retelling of the tale of Henry VIII that, while taking liberties with history, gets the feel for the era across passionately.

Recently I’ve been researching Midsummer Night’s Dream and Shakespeare in performance. I’ve been reading about Orson Welles productions of Shakespeare in some depth. I’ve long been a devotee of Welles work; I remember seeing his Macbeth in high school and being very affected by the strangeness of it. I am tantalized by the incompleteness of much of Welles work; his films were routinely cut by studios, physically lost or destroyed, and left unfinished due to lack of funds. Lost and  incomplete works have a mystique I find irresistible to begin with, but Welles was also a visionary far ahead of his time who transformed the medium of film when he was 25. He was a character as fascinating as any that he played.

It’s getting late… Sorry to just trail off.
My unlimited love to y’all.


2 Responses to “Links and things”

  1. Good Sir Winston,

    I believe I can explain the six-figure deal for the right-wing nutjob. Setting aside for the moment HarperCollins’ complete lack of editorial taste/ethical responsibility in publishing something with loads of fake research, the sales should be excellent. Right-wing groups tend to support such books by buying them in large bulk orders, which, you know, brings in money. It also overinflates the sales on the bestseller lists, making it seem like many more are buying the book than really are. When factoring out those bulk sales the reach of these sorts of books is much, much lower–and this system is really important to the income of Ms. Coulter, Mr. Beck, and the like.

  2. *sigh*
    That is logically depressing.

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