Blessed are the Peacemakers for they will be Called the Children of God

But the Bombthrowers should be called D-bags 4 Satan.

Sponsoring a movement to burn the Quran this coming September 11th is is as un-American as it is un-Christian. Such a thing should be self-evident, but the summer heat is bringing out the mad dog in some people. Longtime readers know that I am no kneejerk sympathizer to Islam and am  as critical of it as any other religion; I equate the Quran with the Book of Mormon, which is to say that I have read both and am utterly unconvinced that either text was dictated by a divine messenger. This does not mean that I think it is acceptable to desecrate or disrespect these books; burning books is always the wrong thing to do in any situation, but it is especially offensive to whip up religious hatred on September 11th.

Nine years ago a small group of Islamic fundamentalists pulled off an act of terrorism intended to ignite a global holy war. The way we defeat them is by not engaging in a global holy war. That is the hard thing to do. It always has been. It is so easy to embrace hate with a self-righteous grip but so difficult to release it with a righteous breath. It requires discipline. That’s how you can tell it is the superior strategy.

This sort of stuff isn’t surprising except for why it hasn’t happened more often already; the country is roiling with tensions that are being stoked by the predictable demagogues who don’t seem to understand what will happen if the cauldron boils over. Dividing ourselves only makes us weaker. Intolerance is the ally of Al Qaeda; these sorts of stunts provide them with fresh fodder for their propaganda and make it seem as if America is engaged in a holy war against Islam. It should go without saying those sorts of things are not helpful. But then, a group that calls itself the ‘Dove World Outreach Center’ and engages in this sort of hateful nonsense probably isn’t often very helpful to anybody.

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