Kalende of June, Nonae of Julius, Days in the Life

Hooray 4 Tea Party Jesus!
I think this is a cool site.
Steve Carell must play him in the movie.

I just finished up an extra gig that’s been keeping me busy, training new recruits to the Clown Factory. I love these kinds of assignments best as I excel at indoctrination and spirit-breaking. I apologize for the lack of updates; while I’ve been busy that isn’t unusual or an excuse, it’s more like I’ve been blocked. It’s weird because I’ve been painting like hell lately; among other things I’ve just about finished Hypatia and I am filled with a little thrill every time I walk past it on the easel. I started it years ago, but my process for larger pieces is often long periods of brooding punctuated by furious bursts of activity, so there’s nothing unusual about that. I get self-conscious talking about my process or aesthetic though, but I do think about it quite a bit.

The Fourth was nice, spent in Naperville with none of the momentousness of past adventures, though I certainly meditated on those memories over the weekend. I had a lovely time with Sam, Bea, and their interesting friends. The house was full of kids which gave the party a festive feel. I’ve been catching up with friends and family when I can; a few weeks ago I took my uncle to the Art Institute. We had the same trip last summer and it’s now officially a tradition for us. He moved to Tennessee many years back but we’re glad to have him come up for extended stays. He’s an artist of local accomplishment while continuing to recover from years of serious mental illness (he has a diagnosis of schizophrenia and manages his symptoms with a cocktail of medications). I especially enjoy encountering art with him as his perspective is fascinating.

Lily paid me a lovely compliment a few weeks ago and I really did appreciate it as she is someone who is very familiar with work I was doing a decade ago. I do feel that I have ‘leveled up’, or at least I am not an old dog because I am certainly learning new tricks. Part of my talk today was about the idea that to truly master anything requires about 10,ooo hours of practice, and the idea that what we practice is what we will perform. That is to say, those 10,000 hours must be quality effort to qualify as dues paid. I am so colordrunk with joy at my work these days I know that my account is up to date. At least that one is.

5 Responses to “Kalende of June, Nonae of Julius, Days in the Life”

  1. I hope you start an “online” gallery of your work for those of us who can’t travel as often as we’d like! Perhaps a “members only” section as an option?

  2. Carell would make a wonderful Blago, just enough snark and boyish charm

    Agree with Lily that an online gallery would be wonderful to see. So glad to hear that you are “colordrunk with joy.” I am absolutely envious, especially since I’m working on borrowed computers and haven’t really written anything in almost a week.

  3. The Prof Says:

    We miss you guys, and wish they’d hurry up and build that train to Chicago.

  4. We miss you guys too!

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