longest days in the life

I pulled a diaphragm muscle during a particularly nasty sneeze the other day and it was incredibly painful for days. It still is tender. A gig that I had been counting on fell through, leaving me with a two thousand dollar budget gap.  Also, I dropped my wallet getting out of the car and then spent the weekend tearing everything apart looking for it, which every spasm of agony just made ever so much more pleasant. There really isn’t as maddeningly existential a feeling as looking for something that is lost. It turned up tucked under my wiper blade fully intact short the couple hundred dollars of cash in there. I never keep more than twenty bucks in my wallet usually, but of course a friend had just repaid me a small loan that day and I hadn’t had a chance to stop by the bank. There’s no complaint here; things go up, they go down, life is weddings and funerals and nothing that has happened to me in the past week even comes close to being that dramatic. I played with my beautiful nephews yesterday and enjoyed the sunset. Life is beautiful and good.

Speaking of, I heard DMC tell a story on the Moth last night and it was riveting.
This is why I don’t want to write about Palin, Paul, Angle, or any of these new right wingers who can’t be bothered to answer a legitimate question but want all of us to do as they say. The rise of these irresponsible ideologues bent on short-circuiting our Republic are as dangerous as they are ignorant; there is nothing new about demagoguery but they are using the tools of mass media to take their old ideas into new heights. And by the way, if you were on the fence about how the GOP feels about American Corporations vs American Humans, Haley Barbour is happy to clear that up for you. We already know how they feel about the poor, but it is really a surprise when they let their true colors show?
However, Al Franken is my favoritest senator. It is so refreshing to hear someone argue with the ridiculous notion of  so-called “originalism”. The canard that Scalia and company are some kind of judicial geniuses is not only very tired but it has distorted the contemporary notion of the role of the court.

Dahlia, I’m painting you today and summoning you here. These are our magic days.

5 Responses to “longest days in the life”

  1. The Prof Says:

    Good Sir Winston,

    My sympathies for the pulled diaphragm. Having done it myself more than once, I know it hurts like a bitch.

    I don’t think I can tolerate politics for the time being–it’s too ridiculous.

  2. So sorry about your injury and then lost wallet. You seem to be in fine spirits in spite of the events.
    I love Al Franken. He is intelligent and articulate and doesn’t take guff from anyone. Haley Barbour is a maroon, pure and simple.
    As for the Palin-esque treatment of the media, I only have this to say: Are the people who come out and rally for and support these politicians willing to take what they say on faith alone? I believe so because no one is pushing the press to do its job in service of fact-finding. In fact, it is quite the opposite. This reaction by people who possess the power to vote these people into office scares the ever loving beejeezus out of me.

  3. it was a lovely midsummer this year. Always special x x

  4. Aaaaw!! Feel better!!

    **** Happy Independence Day in every way!! ****

  5. I know why you checked in here… …I just told that story to a couple of people who reminded me of you all those years ago…

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