Agora (A movie about Hypatia of Alexandria!)

I have been working on an oil painting of this subject for years and hope to finish it in the next month or so, actually. I first came across the story of Hypatia over a quarter century ago and it resonated deeply with me. The film is doing huge business in Spain, but has not found a US distributor. Shocking, that a movie about a strong, intelligent woman who is murdered by a mob of Christian zealots can’t find distribution here. (sigh) Sarah Palin is the anti-hypatia.

4 Responses to “Agora (A movie about Hypatia of Alexandria!)”

  1. I didn’t even know that this film existed. Aside from the brilliance of Rachel Weisz, this is the kind of film I long to see. No US distribution at all? DVD?

    The American theater system can be so lame.

  2. Coming to multiplex near you: Cars that turn into giant robots and beat the shit out of each other! From Space!
    And it’s a trilogy.

  3. Looks very interesting, thanks for posting the video!

  4. Rachel Weisz have that mysterious look and she is very appealing to most men and women “*’

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