Teabagger, teabagger, teabagger…

Grover Norquist is a teabagger. He teabags. He engages in teabaggery with other teabaggers. Teabag.

Aside from the idea that comparing using the word ‘teabagger’ (which the Teabaggers gave to themselves until they realized we were having seizures from laughing at them) is so stupid it defies words, Grover Norquist is one of the most cynically shameless conservatives alive. And that’s saying a lot.

Also, this.

9 Responses to “Teabagger, teabagger, teabagger…”

  1. So the tea party has stooped to the same level as the race card playing Democrats, and the Republicans are busy mashing Washington’s face in the g-strings of lascivious ladies…

    Is Ralph Nader running in 2012?

  2. See, that’s funny, cuz I’m feeling nostalgic for Ross Perot. He had charts.

  3. I hope Sarah Palin runs as an independent, she obviously has a handle on things.

  4. It would definitely be an amusing distractions, like a tapdancing monkey on the deck of the Titanic…

  5. Hmm.. I never knew anything about Perot but after reading his “Wikipedia” article I think there’s something fishy about him.

  6. I loved Perot when he first came on the scene until I realized that he is stark raving mad, which is not necessarily a bad thing in politics.

    Monkey tap-dancing on the Titanic–lovely.

    I always refer to them as Teabaggers as it is so much more appropros

  7. Yay! A new friend!
    (tapdances like a monkey on the deck of the Titantic)

  8. Welcome to the Teahouse poietes.

    Judging by your post, you and Winston will get along just fine. Things can get a little rocky around here but I’d like to think we’re forging the way forward by closing our ears to the divisive filth that pervades our politicomedia complex and listening to each other.

  9. Wow I totally thought I just coined the term “politicomedia complex” (was thinking along the lines of military industrial complex). Turns out someone on Wikipedia was way ahead of me.

    Someday I’ll nibble on a little slice of genius, just you wait!

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