Last Lost Thoughts…

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I kind of think I need to see this movie. It’s kind of hard to believe it exists.
Speaking of things it’s hard to believe exist… …wow, and I mean, wow, but that is funny.

Tonight’s episode should be HUGE. It’s really been fun watching this show unfold. This is one of those pop culture things that can only be really experienced once, sort of like seeing The Empire Strikes Back before anyone knew Darth Vader was Luke’s father; the collective gasp from that reveal was the loudest I had ever heard in a movie theater. Anyway, gotta run, but my crazy prediction is that it will be revealed that Eloise Hawking will be revealed to be the Man in Black’s mom.

One Response to “Last Lost Thoughts…”

  1. I watched the first couple seasons of Lost religiously. I viewed the series as a true work of art. Suddenly the ugliness of capitalistic opportunism perverted the artistic and creative nature of the show. I was just so annoyed I refused to watch it. This happened somewhere around the time they started to stretch the plot so much it began to tear at the seams.

    I can’t blame them for it, I would have done it too, but I can still have my reservations. Dollars and art forms mix as well as beauty pageants and colostomy bags.

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