pop goes the culture

How’s that oily drilly thing workin’ out fer ya?
‘Conservative Comedy’ is the equivalent of non-alcoholic beer. It’s almost just like the real thing except all the joy has been sucked out of it. The problem is that right wing ‘jokes’ are usually ugly insults hurled at the downtrodden by the smugly privileged. This is not to say that all great comedy is inherently liberal or that all liberals are funny, but rather that authoritarianism is rarely associated with the sense of whimsy required in generating a healthy gut-laugh. The conservative point of view misapprehends irony and rarely wields it well while often falling victim to it in spectacular fashion; this is why conservatives are so frequently unintentionally hilarious but so scantly score with satire. Hold in mind that I don’t think that Beck or Limbaugh are the least bit funny even though they both cry that they are mere comedians when it seems that they may actually be somehow held to task for some outrage they excreted; in any case, if I were a conservative I wouldn’t be arguing about whether or not these clowns were funny but pondering why these clowns have such influence over the GOP.

So I wrote a couple of paragraphs about the South Park episode that has everyone stirred up and decided to not run it because I don’t think I hit the right tone with it. I did enjoy the episode and support Trey and Matt; I even did a drawing of the Prophet that I might post if I ever I find my scanner. I’m an equal-opportunity blasphemer, after all, and it’s kind of my way of shouting ‘Spartacus!’

Speaking of ‘Spartacus’, I just finished the first season. On the surface it’s a lower budget ‘Rome’ with a ‘300’ sensibility, and that alone should be enough to make it cool but it is even better than that. The performances are staggering all around; Lucy Lawless is the best television actress ever. With this show she has gone places most Oscar winners never would. The depiction of Roman society is best described as violently naked, and I would not recommend it to anyone who is not prepared for an intense ride. I have long been a fascinated student of Roman history and to see this slice of it brought to such vivid life was a treat.

Julia had many questions while we were watching and I ended up going through the classical studies portion of my library to explain the answers; in one of my textbooks I came across a favorite passage of mine, an exchange between Pliny and Trajan concerning the Christians. I have a friend who is preparing to teach a comparative religion seminar and so I gave him the book to read. While I was there I discovered a stack of Miracleman comics I had loaned to him several years ago. I then brought these to the Clown Factory where one of my fresh new comrades has shown a great love for the funnybooks and had actually brought up the topic of the legendary long out-of-print Miracleman series the very day before and had expressed a great longing to read it.  In exchange he loaned me Ex Machina, a graphic novel by Brian Vaughn and Tony Harris. I enjoyed it very much.

Coincidentally, Vaughn writes for Lost, which is about to have the big reveal. I think that deserves it’s own post.

Everything is fine. The weather was beautiful today even if the news around the globe is madness. My unlimited love to y’all.

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