Hooray for Taxes

Today is the day when I pay for the fire department and police force, the military and the space program, as well as the roads, schools and many hospitals in my country. Today is the day where I put my money where my citizenship is. Today is the day my patriotism has an extra spring in it’s step. Today is tax day. Hooray for America.

Teabaggers, enjoy collecting your government welfare while crying about contributing.

Very busy week at the Clown Factory, but I’m not complaining; I love my work.

7 Responses to “Hooray for Taxes”

  1. I’ve never made enough money to actually pay anything other than Soc.Sec. and Medicare.

  2. My Grandpa, who never made more than $10,000 a year of his life, always told me that if you want to live like a Republican, vote for a Democrat.

  3. If that’s the case how do you explain the ‘red state ripoff’ map?

  4. Republicans ain’t what they used to be, Huck.

  5. hear hear

  6. Our state Republicans have made us the laughingstock of the country. Is this how they intended to get their sense of humor back? Ugh.

  7. Which state?

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