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This is one of the best examples of the ‘strawman’ fallacious argument I have ever come across. I suppose if I were being constantly accused of being a racist, I would examine my behavior and see if I were being ignorantly offensive. I don’t think I would try to redefine racism. But that’s just me..
This is a whole new kind of stupid.
Sean Hannity and his pals are beyond the pale… I don’t even know what to say to this. It’s absolutely staggering that the people who crapped themselves silly over the thought that Obama might have met a couple of 60’s radicals would actually applaud at being called a ‘Tim McVeigh wannabe’. There really aren’t words to convey my feelings at this…

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  1. He is being accused of racism by proxy, due to his political affiliation. Judging by the contents of his post he does not meet the textbook criteria for racism. Anyone who has been accused will know, being called a racist isn’t something to be taken lightly, and in many cases it is quite hurtful. Language like that shouldn’t be tossed about casually, or abused to further political interests.

    Winston were you accused of hateful behavior during the Bush years, when you and other liberals spoke out against the injustices you saw? Were you accused of “not supporting the troops” or “hating the United States” because you didn’t support the war? That is the kind of language that was tossed around 5 years ago, and it’s absurd. Is there an amount of institutional racism that is great enough America cannot ignore it? Yes. Are there racists among us? Yes. Are protesters of Health Care Reform racist? Only as much as anti-war protesters were unpatriotic.

    It’s sickening that these are the things we say to each other when we disagree, and the most disgusting thing is that the media is to blame. They motivate us to hatred, be it by labeling an entire political movement as racist, or claiming that political opposition is unpatriotic. I challenge whoever reads this to stop for a moment and look at the pattern here.

  2. As far as Hannity, dipshit move but the applause kicks off before the name Timothy leaves his lips. Go ask ten people who identify themselves as conservatives how they regard Timothy Mcveigh, personally ask them, then get back to me. Believing that this crowd of people is applauding that is asinine.

  3. Huck,
    I suppose the difference I see is that at those anti-war protests I never saw traitorous or flagrantly unpatriotic slogans such as ‘Hooray for Osama!’ or ‘Up with Al Qaida!’. Code Pink never spat upon a Congressman. There is no need to recount the recent history; I believe we are in agreement about the facts of the acts of individuals at these protests, at least enough to agree that it is unacceptably uncivil.
    My Grandmother used to tell me over and over, ‘show me who you go with, I’ll show you who you are.’ I especially resented hearing this as a teenager and after I discovered it was a logical fallacy I proceeded to ignore this dictum. As a result I met some interesting people but also discovered that the truth of it was in terms of who my long-term friends were; the people and ideas I was truly committed to would come to define the person I am. I don’t think that the Tea Party is a racist movement; however, there are racists who are using the Tea Party megaphone. If the movement is to become serious, they’re going to have to address this.
    I watched the video again, and while I agree that the audience seems to be responding to the previous statement, I remain baffled as to why Hannity would say something so irresponsibly unfunny, especially considering he made it the day after the arrest of the Hutaree militia and less than a month from the anniversary of the Oklahoma bombings, but I do not ask anyone to apologize for him.

  4. I believe the last two would have made sweeping national headlines had we seen them at the health care signing. I’ve witnessed your genuine anxiety about the safety of our current president. Was anyone throwing red flags when these signs came up? Oh that’s right, Bush bashing was media endorsed. (Trust me I know, I used to LOOOOOVE Chris Matthews)

  5. No sarcasm, I really did. Ugh the error of my ways…

  6. Huck,
    I stand corrected. I’m sorry the message with the links didn’t appear initially, but my spam filter puts any comments that has more than two links in it aside for approval.
    I guess we’ve both managed to prove that freedom of speech is wasted upon the free…

  7. I was thinking that myself over lunch at a local deli (I made that sound way more sophisticated than it really was). I was pondering the label that’s been slapped on many protesters and was upset. They have a right to free speech! No one should do that! Then I went “Ohhh…. it’s the other side’s right to free speech that lets them…”

    America wins!

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