Right Ahead

And that’s who they really are.
Good news, everybody! Racism is dead! Now if we could do something about all of these ghosts walking around haunting us…
But wouldn’t the Bible be better if Jesus had a sword fight?
The Republican Caucus of the United States Senate hates America.
This is really out of line.
… and be sure to read this. (If you can’t get that to load, try this.)

From an email exchange with friends:
‘The thing about the conservatives is that they have the crazy hate in their hearts and heads; they make elaborate apologia and engage in massive rationalizations for their behavior that are little different from Orwell’s Doublethink. (surely there is a variant of Godwin’s Law that must be developed for invocations of Orwell and Machiavelli, but I don’t know how to describe these people without this language.) Dealing with such cynical opponents is dangerous because it’s infectious. They don’t believe in anything even as they deride us for being relativists and doubters of doctrine; we believe in the future of humanity while they fantasize about it’s destruction. ‘Star Trek’ makes them angry. ‘Left Behind’ pisses me off. That is the difference between us.’

Am I on to something here? I have a lot more to say on this but prefer a discussion… Conservatives, please contribute.

10 Responses to “Right Ahead”

  1. As far as the post, that’s pretty destructive language. You take the most vicious examples of conservatives (just as conservatives do to liberals) and dehumanize them. Don’t be a slave to propaganda, there’s the idiots on the news, and then there are real people.

    I love Star Trek by the way. My favorite episode is the two part “Menagerie”.

  2. The people in the news are ‘real’ people; everybody is real, after all. The people sending faxes of nooses and other threatening mail to congresspersons are real people; the demagogues in the media are real people, hard as that may be to believe. I’m aware there are people who have a problem with Democrats and Obama without having crazy hate in their hearts and minds, but right now the crazy hater chorus has been getting louder and louder and it would be foolishly naive to underestimate how dangerous that can be.

    Regarding the link-while the capacity for blowhard Congressional grandstanding is spectacular, it doesn’t compare to what can be achieved by corporate malfeasance.

  3. You think the crazy hater chorus is dangerous, the crazy haters think the government is dangerous.

    I know I would be outright terrified if the people I represented were threatening to hold me accountable for spending their money. This whole accountability thing is new for them.

  4. Before you go all “Huck’s a radical he’s gonna hurt someone”. I’m just cynically explaining their point of view. American politics is a melodramatic B movie and right now every one of us looks pretty stupid.

  5. Here are some more belligerent terrorist conservatives. That poor congressman felt so endangered by his constituents questions that he had to immediately vacate the building. What you can’t see is behind the cameraman there are ultra right wing terrorists posing as concerned citizens holding black and white photocopies of nooses, just waiting for an opportune moment to fax them to his office!

    This has got to stop!

  6. Huck-
    It’s obviously an ambush interview with the man being barraged with loaded questions. He doesn’t do very well for himself, but I don’t blame him for disengaging because they were not trying to engage in legitimate debate or discussion. Regarding the substance of what they were trying to ask him, he should have answered that Congress has the authority under it’s power to regulate interstate commerce, levy taxes for the general welfare, and do what it deems to be necessary and proper. We can argue about whether or not this law was necessary and proper, but it is absurd to assert that Congress transgressed it’s Constitutional authority in passing this law. It is also hypocritical to complain about the process by which it was done when it was no different than anything done by recent Republican Congresses.
    There really is no equivalency between left wing and right wing political violence in this country. Me and my ratty-assed compadres spent eight years under a President we had reason to believe was not legitimately elected, who embroiled the country in a war of choice and bungled a war of necessity, who had been handed a surplus and left a broken economy, who did all this and so much more, and yet what we did was organize and win an election, not finger our rifles and grumble about secession.
    The paths of reason and compassion lead to wisdom, and that is what is needed to combat the cynicism spawned of crazy hate. The right wing has not been constructive or honest; I cannot say there is an equivalence between their scoundrels and the Democrats scoundrels. I call ’em like I see ’em.

  7. Excellent wordplay, I almost conceded it was put together so well. But fight on I must. 🙂

    Rhetoric, here’s why. There are no such things as ambush interviews in regards to politicians. A politician is a public servant, and I know of no employer that would defend his employee’s unscrupulous actions that were observed while he was “ambushed”. Please note that in the beginning of the video there was a debate taking place, emotions are high but words were being passed. When the man asked “Where in the constitution?” the amplitude of his voice was modest at best. Only after the congressman denounces the constitution does it get out of hand. Until today I thought hearing those words from an elected official would upset every single citizen of this nation, but I’ve been proven wrong.

    Article I Section 8 of the Constitution states “The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises, to pay the debts and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States.” Why doesn’t the Congressman just say that? He could have sent the boy packing. What took place in the House and Senate was well within their delegated authority, but it’s my belief that it was widely unpopular. It is a citizen’s obligation to hold their elected officials accountable for their actions. Just as you said, you and yours organized and won an election. Well it’s not quite time for that yet but I foresee a monumental battle looming just over the horizon.

    As for the sour taste in your mouth from Bush, I’m right there with you. I agree with every word you said regarding that subject. But two wrongs don’t make a right. Two political parties hijacking America is two too many. Bush is just as much to blame for the “Crazy hate” as the Dems. This isn’t just about Obama election backlash, this is 10 years of pent up political frustration. So long as politicians ignore the cries of their people, there will be this rage. So long as they fail to maintain their composure there will be disappointing elections.

    Phil Hare should be studying Arlen Specter, I gained mad respect for that man watching his patience (genuine or not) during the real nasty town halls last summer.

  8. Huck
    Happy Easter. Regarding that particular congressman, I expect the clip of him saying he doesn’t care about the Constitution will be used to great advantage by his opponent in the next election, and rightfully so. It was a stupid thing to say. However, I don’t think it is indicative of anything more than that. I certainly don’t think he comported himself any more poorly than Michelle Bachmann, who actually seems to plan out and consider the incredibly stupid things she says rather than having them spooked out of her by scary clean cut young men in suits, but I don’t think he is a good representative for the progressive point of view. Of course, I don’t think she’s a good representative of the conservative point of view, either. However, they are the elected representatives serving in Congress, which may help explain why things are the way they are.

    This is what worries me, Huck. When we can no longer rationally communicate, bad things happen. Stoking rage and fear doesn’t make people express themselves more clearly; to be honest, I don’t understand what half of the Teabaggers are shrieking about. I do hear their voices but they sound garbled, making impossible demands and ridiculous threats.
    Anyway, I’m off. Have a lovely day.

  9. “they are the elected representatives serving in Congress, which may help explain why things are the way they are” If I am understanding your intent, I agree completely. What a joke some these people are. As far as the Tea Party goes, I think we came to a conclusion last summer when the town hall craziness began. Many of these people have no idea what they’re talking about.

    For example; I was watching a news story about a Tea Party protest when I saw a sign “Wall Street killed Main Street”. My jaw dropped. I firmly believe that Reaganomics and Neocons encouraged the destruction of Main Street. I also believe the “Tea Party” to be a largely Republican movement.

    But with all semblances aside it’s a very loose organization, with undefined philosophies, and no real political affiliation. This can support that statement. http://www.cnn.com/2010/POLITICS/04/02/democrats.tea.party/index.html (I don’t know how to make the cool linky thingy)

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