It is accomplished

Well, alright. This says it better than I could have.

That should make you feel good enough to laugh at the following crazy racists, demented hecklers thuggish goons, gaggles of lawyers and confederacies of dunces.
Also, Ilsa, She Devil of the SS goes to Canada.
Of course, all of that conservativeness might leave you feeling a little tired in your soul.
So, read this story about Victor, who is awesome.
Also, James Randi continues to be awesome.
A word from Congressman Awesome.
Alex Chilton was awesome.
Joe Biden is awesome.
Awesome funny.

I have had this argument with people who aren’t actually as ignorant and stupid as Glenn Beck.

2 Responses to “It is accomplished”

  1. A coworker and friend of mine was very happy about this passing but was too busy to celebrate. She was on the phone for a while arguing with the insurance company who decided that her husband needed steroid medication instead of the cat-scan the doctor ordered. As frustrated and angry as this made her she still realized this is a minor issue – as it isn’t actually life-threatening.


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