Thank God.

Pinch me.

Yes, it really happened;  Rep. Stupak was called a ‘baby killer’, Democratic Congressmen were called ‘niggers’ and ‘faggots‘. and the House passed the Health Care Reform bill. Sometimes it’s so easy to be on the right side of history that it’s just silly.

4 Responses to “Thank God.”

  1. It’s not enough, but it’s a start. That the term “preexisting condition” dies today, and that no one’s insurance can be cancelled just because they get sick, is still one hell of a win.

  2. I am literally in tears. As I was sitting in Labor & Delivery waiting for the arrival of Logan Xavier, I heard a story about a child who had a particularly bad case of “The Mutation.” He had no insurance and could not find healthcare. Most likely, if this continued, he’s be dead in a few years. (Obviously, I told him to contact Dr. Xavier’s people and maybe they could help him find a Dr. pro bono.) Because of the political maneuvers, he will still have trouble but my baby boy was born into a world where the greatest country in the world FINALLY has a comprehensive health care policy!

    First I become a Dad, now this. What a week!

  3. Every tea partier I know is a racist. I can also confirm that despite CNN downplaying the story, the entire tea party protest elevated their voices in unison to chant racial slurs.

    Everyone knows the only open minded people in this country are liberals.

  4. Liberals can be closed-minded and rude and everything else everyone can be; however, I think the Teabaggers have earned special recognition for the class and eloquence they bring to public discourse. Some of the most flexible problem solvers I know are political conservatives; some of the most rigid fussbudgets are political liberals. I don’t think our politics says everything about who we are as people even while acknowledging it does reflect something significant about our worldviews and values. People are full of surprises.

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