4 mah homiez

Prof, you might find this interesting.
Lily, you might find this horrifying and fascinating. It actually left me quite upset.
Kenny, you might find this incredible. For additional guh, see here.
Lara, I owe you this one. It’s a response to this, which is one of the most unintentionally hilarious rewrites of recent history I can recall.

2 Responses to “4 mah homiez”

  1. Sadly not quite as uncommon as you would think… that’s why they have strict rules in prison like no cell phones allowed and employees’ personal belongings get checked etc. Typically all the land-line phones are recorded as well.

    As you & I both know, people with antisocial personality disorder along with sociopathic traits can be very charming and manipulative when they want to be. In prison there is not much to distract them from figuring out the “weak” one in their guards and work on them relentlessly. The more intelligent that person is, the better they are at it of course.

    Interacting with them is very tiring – that I can tell you. I have to concentrate on every little thing I say, my facial expressions, and body language. I purposefully talk slow with long pauses the entire time to make it harder for them to figure out which statements of theirs it’s taking me longer to analyze. I never forget that they are ALWAYS better than me at this “game” but I know I’ve succeeded somewhat if they think I’m useless to them.

    In my work setting, they sometimes fool the administration, who like to think a person is getting better through treatment. A true psychopath doesn’t get better… he/she just gets smarter/sneakier. It’s the most hopeless prognosis out there.

    Ms. Harris is lucky that all she lost was her job, reputation, (and possibly her freedom for a short time).

  2. Hmmm…that is interesting.

    Fortunately, I teach at a college that requires process writing through all four years, from intro composition to advanced gen ed courses. There’s been some hemming and hawing about it, of course. But the results are good so far.

    But anyone who tells you that things like grammar and syntax aren’t important just aren’t good at it.

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