wednesday internets

Go into the light, Zelda.
If Keith stops drinking because of you, it’s really time to reconsider your habits.
Welcome to the future, where running a script on your computer that causes a webpage to reload repeatedly can get you sentenced to jail.
RIP Howard Zinn.

Currently, Gargunza and I are debating whether or not this site is for real or not. In the course of it, he invoked Poe’s Law. That didn’t help, as the entry mentions the site but has no idea as to whether or not it’s for real.

3 Responses to “wednesday internets”

  1. “As you well know, Satan’s favorite high school event is the prom dance. He uses this time to cause sin to enter the bodies of young men and women, making them feel unnatural desires as they dance around to his music.”

    Hmm, Sex drive is an unnatural desire… If only it was, then perhaps we wouldn’t have so many folks like this running around.

    “As a searched YouTube today for more videos to warn you about…”
    Wow. I think it is probably real. It has the same lack of self-awareness that most of these types of people that I have met have…

  2. …and this is what you guys do for fun.

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