long friday night

Pretty pictures of snow in Flagstaff. Lily, there is nothing quite like the glow of your majestic presence; that day was pure joy.
Happy Birthday to the both of you; isn’t it fascinating how the birthdays of our closest people seem to clump up on the calendar? I suppose with less than 400 possible days to have a birthday the statistics aren’t actually unlikely, but it still seems odd to me when I think of the individuals I should be sharing a slice of cake with this weekend…

I’m so tired. But I just had to say hello.

3 Responses to “long friday night”

  1. Ana Ng and I are getting old but we still haven’t walked in the glow of each other’s majestic presence.

  2. That visit IS one of my fondest memories — that day being the BEST! (Including the late night stop for coffee and racing “home” for Farscape LOL!)

    I look forward to a future visit because a lot had changed here (the only change there will be for a while thanks to budgets & republicans) but things YOU could so appreciate… not to mention our personal lives!

    Whose having a birthday? Damn – I gotta go check the calendar!

    PS: Check out composer Piazolla if you haven’t already. Went to a concert last night featuring his Four Seasons intertwined with Vivaldi’s and it was gorgeous!

  3. I figured out one – please send delightful birthday greetings across the sea for me! 🙂

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