6.1 aftershock in Haiti.
Joe Conason has some good advice for Democrats
. Greenwald has something smart to say, too.

We are never going to sit in a circle and sing ‘Kumbaya’ with the Republicans, and that is ok; it would actually be creepy to watch Newt Gingrich frolic with Hillary Clinton. Still, it would be refreshing if conservatives and progressives could work together once in a while, but as anyone who doesn’t believe in the tooth fairy knows, that isn’t probably going to happen any time soon.

It’s hard to believe that a year ago Obama was getting sworn in. It feels like we all converted to Islam and became socialists for so much longer than that.

7 Responses to “aftershocks”

  1. I don’t know how more people aren’t incredibly offended that the single most important goal of the Republican Party is Obama’s failure. No care about the cost to their constituents… the environment… our economic health… etc. It’s sickening.

  2. The more one knows about the history of Reconstruction after the Civil War the more familiar this would all seem-whites were all too happy to sabotage efforts to improve their own communities if it meant they could scuttle enfranchisement for blacks. It’s an ugly chapter of history but one that is revelatory for understanding contemporary race relations.

  3. “It feels like we all converted to Islam and became socialists for so much longer than that.”

    Ha! I knew it! Wait til I report this to Mr. Beck!

    Evil snicker.

  4. Don’t forget universities. I’ve heard that many of them are teaching that the Earth goes around the sun.

  5. We really don’t teach much of anything these days in college–just have ’em snort cocaine off the Bible.

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