Tuesday night

Hey, you.
First of all, thanks for sticking around. In these modern times, audiences are especially fickle, and more than one blogger who has taken a hiatus has returned to find empty seats in the theater of their minds. But you, Constant Reader, prove yourself to be a loyal pal and for that I am grateful.

It looks like Scott Brown is winning in Massachusetts. In the days to come, our right wing friends are going to be cackling with demented glee; this is because they are demented. They are cheering the flames that lick at our curtains and applauding the water pouring through the porthole. After eight years of leading the nation into ruin they are now going to be able to sabotage any attempt to salvage the wreck they made of the place. The Party of Nitwit Prudes who spent millions of taxpayer dollars harassing Clinton over a blowjob, the same Party of Incompetent Blowhards that was investigating dirty movies on 9/10/01, the Party who gave us the Neverending Party that is the Iraq War, the Party that Lost New Orleans, the Party that Deregulated Wall Street and Then Had To Bail Out Wall Street With More Taxpayer Money Than You Can Possibly Imagine is now going to be The Confederacy of Dunces Saying No You Can’t.


3 Responses to “Tuesday night”

  1. Teahouse of the even more furious Buddha.

  2. Not that it helps right this very minute, but Scott Brown is doomed next election cycle. The Dem who ran against him was a terrible candidate who ran a terrible campaign, taking the seat for granted and flubbing debates and interviews.

    And a lot can happen in ten months.

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