The view upstairs…

…is beautiful. It’s snowing.

Rush Limbaugh hospitalized with chest pains. Speaking as someone who has been hospitalized with chest pains, I know that I am having a better evening tonight than he is. Also, it seems he is still having problems with pills. While pills have never been my thing, I understand chemical dependency. It’s not any fun, either. I am not a fan of Mr. Limbaugh, and although he is merely a comedian he has done much to coarsen American discourse.

I am aching all over but it’s a good ache. My little brother came by and helped me carry the heavy stuff. We had good bonding time. Julia is in bed, which is a mattress on boxsprings on the floor. We’re sleeping up here tonight but there’s still a ton of stuff downstairs. Emma is upstairs and purring on my lap.She’s really mellowed. It’s been a long day.

5 Responses to “The view upstairs…”

  1. Jealous!! (yes still miss now)

    Kisses to Emma! Would *love* to see some current pics of her, you, the new place… (snow lol!)

  2. oops… that’s supposed to be still miss Snow!

  3. oops… that’s supposed to be -S-now!

  4. It’s nice to know you’re still totally a hyper spaz early in the morning…

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