tuesday tea

Sad. Goodbye, Luanne.
Infuriating. Especially when one considers the neglect and abuse children of perfectly healthy parents endure. This child is clearly well cared for and loved. I don’t know David Trais but I he seems like a complete scumbag.
It’s worth reading this just to get to the part where he compares Jesus to Fonzie. Actually, it’s probably just enough to know that he compared Jesus to Fonzie and leave it at that.
Happy Thought For The Day: These people have nuclear weapons.
Good luck to you, Parker Griffith.
Bringing a gun to a snowball fight is definitely bad form.

One Response to “tuesday tea”

  1. Oy vey.

    The Fonzie analogy was bad enough. But putting “Jim Caviezel” and “subtle” in the same sentence goes way over the line. I just witnessed the lackluster mockery that was AMC’s remake of “The Prisoner” and I’m still having trouble keeping food down.

    But I digress. Heading out tomorrow afternoon. Merry Christmas and such.

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