thanksgiving (black fridays in the life)

The TVC-15 is probably dead and I haven’t hooked up new interwebs access yet anyway. I’m over at the Mayweather’s borrowing their laptop. A lot has happened in the past few weeks. Julia and I are done; this is a good thing. I’m getting better at breaking up as time goes on. It’s funny, between a lack of interwebs and girlfriend I’m getting a lot of painting done.


Life goes on. Thanksgiving was particularly poignant for me as I know several people in desperate situations at the moment. As I get older I pray more often. I will be back in touch soon. I want to pull my nose out of the Mayweather’s laptop. Their new home is beautiful, btw. I’m moving into their old apartment after the landlord repaints and fixes a few things, most likely in the week after Christmas and before New Years, which is two years to the week since I moved in. Prof, you and Aurora should come out for a visit! The Mayweathers will be hosting New Year’s, I believe.

My unlimited love to y’all.

8 Responses to “thanksgiving (black fridays in the life)”

  1. Sir Winston,

    The Prof would love to come out this New Year’s; unfortunately, it’s a three and a half hour drive under the best of conditions and I’ve got to prep for my January term class, which I designed myself (we start on the 3rd). But we will be thinking of you all.

  2. But it has been way, way too long. We’ve heard tell of a train being built–if that’s so we’ll see youse guys more often.

  3. Dr Slappy Says:

    I keep forgetting what a jog it is to here from there, and the weather surely will not be cooperating. It would be so good to see you folks again, though. It’s been entirely too long.

  4. Where are you?

  5. Dr Slappy Says:

    I’m here. I just haven’t had a day off in weeks and am generally overwhelmed by circumstance. I finally picked up a new laptop Sunday but haven’t been able to get connected to teh internets yet thanks to a series of Kafkaesque misadventures. I do miss all y’all though. I promise to be back soon with all sorts of groovy weirdness.

  6. Good, because as I’ve stated before, I live vicariously through your rants on wordpress. And it’s been so, so long since you’ve had a rant.

  7. Dr Slappy Says:

    I apologize with a blush. I promise a return to normal service soon.

  8. Haven’t had anything to argue about in a good month. Hope you’re saving some good ones up. 🙂

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