I am a genius

I spilled water on my laptop. So, that’s working out well. I’m also moving over the next couple of weeks and I’m incredibly busy at work. I’m sorry if anyone thinks I’ve fallen off the surface of the planet; I’m obviously incredibly behind in my email. Hopefully by the weekend I’ll be more caught up.


6 Responses to “I am a genius”

  1. Ouch on the water spill! Moving far?

  2. I’m moving upstairs. THe Mayweathers have bought a house and I’m taking their apartment.

  3. oh! i’m so glad that’s working out for you! wishing you a happy move!


  4. I think I might do something for that. To be honest, I’m just incredibly overwhelmed at the moment.
    I just wish I could get the stoopid laptop working…

  5. Winston,

    You really have to see this for yourself, but Fillup Munkee recently met, face-to-face, Neil Gaiman. And it was so very awrsome.

  6. If its the Mayweather place I remember – very nice! The positive of moving is that a new place is like a blank canvas. I hope you enjoy that aspect of it once the overwhelming busy-ness ends! Happy Home-making!

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