lucky days in the life

It’s been a weird week. For one thing, I turned 40. People at work insisted on making a big whoop out of it that lasted pretty much all week. Work’s been great otherwise; it keeps me very busy these days and I am as fulfilled as any employee in the Clown Factory could hope to be. Of course, with employment rates over 1o%, I’m lucky just to be working. That I love what I do is just gravy.

I had a very good visit with my Grandmother this week. She’s going to be upset for a while but her spirit isn’t broken by a long shot, and that’s what I worried most about. I do so love and admire her. But then, I’m lucky to be a 40 year old man with a Gramma to worry over.

My cousin was released from prison last week. He’s back in jail this week. He missed seeing his parole officer because he was on a bender in a motel with some of his old acquaintances. This may actually be a good thing as it is becoming difficult to imagine him not institutionalized. He’s going to be 40 this coming June and I don’t know what to do about him. His parents have written him off and my Gramma is afraid of him. He is dangerous and unpredictable. I have sent him letters but he does not write me back because I tell him he has to get sober. I can’t tell him anything else. My cousin is not lucky.

Even stranger this week was a development with a good friend of mine that I have known for many years. He checked himself into a rehab clinic last week. Between the cocaine, pills and gambling he had created a rather nasty web of circumstance for himself. His wife threw him out and his family devasted themselves financially to pay off his debts, which were owed to the kind of people one must make financial restitution to if one enjoys being alive. He and his wife still owe the government tens of thousands of dollars among many other catastrophic debts. As I compared notes with close mutual friends this week, we realized exactly how much we had been manipulated by this individual. It was a jaw dropping conversation with more surprises than a season of ‘Lost’ as we put together the puzzle of our friends life of the past couple years and were amazed by the connections we made. The three of us in that room know about addiction and substance abuse. We have had extensive and intimate experience with how not only can a person can become possessed by a drug, but how others are then manipulated by the addict. Yet as we saw the past few years with the new light of information the mysteries evaporated like boogeymen transforming into sweaters draped over chairs with the dawn; except in this case the sweater draped over the chair turned out to be a monster. We realized that we had not even spoken to each other for over a year, and it was because our afflicted friend had manipulated us like puppets because the last thing he wanted was for us to compare notes. We think that in the end the maniac may have actually been dealing cocaine in casinos, which is the sort of thing that can get you  into a special kind of trouble. It’s difficult for me to imagine the kind of crazy desperation that drives a person to seek those kinds of mad adreneline rushes, but then I’ve never touched cocaine. I don’t like to push my luck.

I’ve banged my head three times on a paint pallette hanging from the ceiling and my head looks like it’s been bitten by a shark. My car’s electric window suddenly stopped working this morning. Did I mention that the dog shit in the bed last week? The drain on the bathroom sink won’t open. My girlfriend is moving out and she took the PS3 right after I started getting into ‘Oblivion 4’ Still, I’m luckier than most people, and that’s pretty funny if you think about it.

3 Responses to “lucky days in the life”

  1. Happy Birthday. You are pretty lucky and many of us count ourselves lucky to have you. Call me.

  2. I’m sitting here just having watched the final House votes come in for health care reform. I finally feel that we (the people) through our representatives (gov’t) are finally taking on the big bully on the block (health-care profit-mongers)!!

    Hey can you email me personally more about the above? I’m dreadfully curious… more, more, more LOL!!

    I’m so glad to hear that your Grandma is doing better! You are very fortunate to still have her and honestly she is lucky to have you as well. I still miss your family, especially on the holidays!

    Living in AZ, seeing so many people in dire straits, I concur with your sentiments of gratitude. A lot of it may be luck but I think the love you put out there has a lot to do with it too! =)

  3. cut ties with the cousin, recover your PS3, Oblivion 4 is actually “elder scrolls 4 : oblivion” (been a fan of the series since 96), hope things will get better for you

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